Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wild West Town

Friday, February 21, 2014

Butterflies Are Terrifying


     First phone calls, now butterflies, yes we’re all about revealing the surprising truths here at


     Mom signed up for a homeschool group as a way for Hanna to meet other homeschool kids, and the other day the activity was this place called ‘Butterfly Wonderland’. I thought to myself “I like butterflies”, so I wore my brightest clothes and brought my camera. First they give you a safety talk, about how butterflies are very delicate, how you shouldn’t touch them because you’re all grubby, grubby people with disgusting dirty hands. It’s fine if a butterfly lands on you {and they will} you just can’t brush it off, you have to go get a docent who presumably has been blessed by the pope as a butterfly handler. They made such a special point of saying over and over again that butterflies will land on you, at first at sounded like a reassurance or promise but after awhile it started to sound like a warning. Here I sort of chuckled to myself, who could be afraid of butterflies?
“Everything was Butterflies”
    Before they let us into the butterfly atrium they showed us this 3D movie about butterfly migration and it had all these super–close–ups of butterflies and I realised how truly creepy butterflies look close–up. Like, really creepy. Next they shuffled us all into a little antechamber to give us the safety talk again, then they open the door and we step into this intense, colourful, moving, room. As my eyes adjusted I saw that it wasn’t that the room was actually moving but that everywhere you looked were butterflies. Everything was butterflies. It was right then that I remembered how easily I am overwhelmed by visual stimulus. I saw all of their spooky butterfly legs and every leaf on the plants the room was filled with and then I remembered how I get really freaked out by stuff moving in my peripheral vision and how I had specifically dressed like a huge flower. Then all I could imagine was butterflies landing on the small of my back and not being able to get them off which really freaked me out. I was more freaked out that I had been in a long time, so I may not have enjoyed it as much as a normal person could have, but I did get some really crazy pictures.