Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve


Walking in

CWA Mini–sode: Gee, Thanks

  “Gee. Thanks. Mom, and Dad.” Dr. Smith said, trying not to force his words. “A gold brick. Just what I wanted.” 
  “You’re welcome Son.” Said Morton, Obliviously pleased that his son had liked the gift. “You know, all this gold was just cluttering up the house.  I thought about paving the west gardens with it, but then I realised that’s a terrible idea. Because Gold’s so soft, right? You’d need some kind of hard brick for pavers.” 
  Capt. brown shook his gift.  It made no noise. “I wonder what I got.” He said. 
   “Oh, you got one too.” Said Mrs. Lisa Smith. 
Capt. Brown tore open the package. 
It was a rather used gold bar.
He could barely contain his grin.  He leaned over to Dr. Smith and Whispered Conspiratorially; “I love your family!” 
 “Yeah.” Dr. Smith replied.
 “Now. Son. What did you get me?” Asked Mrs. Lisa Smith. 
 Dr. Smith handed her a present, and she opened it. It was a very nice sweater. 
 “Gee. Thanks.” She said, forcing a smile. “Wherever did you–” 
  “I built a robot especially to knit it for you.” 
  “Oh. Thank you. That’s actually quite thoughtful.” 
Capt. Brown watched the awkwardness with amazement. 
  “From now on I’m spending every christmas with you, Zachary.” 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CWA Mini–sode: Merry Christmas From the Smiths

Merry Christmas!!
  Well, It’s the end of the year, and what a year it’s been!
  Morton’s kept up with his…hobbies that he has… And I’ve bought another chain of craft stores!
{We’re doing quite well, up another 15% since yesterday!} I’ve kept up with my investing and fiscal management, and in october I won the QuagmIreland Nat’l Money Award for Being Rich And Services to Poor People Who Aren’t Rich and Have No Money. {Very Prestigious!!! There was a pretty stature that I added to my collection of statues I’ve won.}
 This year we [I] decided to spend The Holiday with our son, Zachary, who we hardly ever see because of how busy he is with his things.

This christmas he and his …friend… are living in a tent in the park.

He sends us telegrams sometimes {and by that I mean rarely} And I always got the impression he was doing quite well. He never explained why they were living in a tent {Together!!} in a park like the people my foundations throw money at.

Anyway, they had two trees, an eight foot one and a giant tree, all decorated with shiny baubles and things, very festive. But it was completely freezing out there, so Morton And I had to buy a hotel to sleep in for the night, as it was not a four person tent.

Everyone is having a great time {Except my son who appears to be homeless} and We are all looking forward to another great year!!!!

Lisa Smith

Thursday, December 08, 2011

CWA Mini–sode: Shaking the Presents

Dr. Smith pressed his ear to the gift.
He shook it.
  “You’ll never guess what it is, Zachary.”  Capt. Brown said, smiling.
  “Well you’ll never guess what yours is.”  Dr. Smith replied, trying to pick up any hint of a fragrance.
 “Lets see, if it had been a huge box I would have guessed it was something tiny, but since it’s a small box and you have the technology to put huge things in tiny boxes, I’d guess it’s something huge.”

Dr. Smith glared at him.

Capt. Brown grinned and flipped the record over.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

CWA Mini-Sode: Worth it.

“It was definitely worth dragging all this stuff out here into the park, I think.” Capt. Brown said, Dr. Smith raised his glass in agreement.


CWA Mini–sode: Law Stand

“I would like some law, please.”

CWA Mini–sode: Merry Christmas Card Photos

~ Merry Christmas From Dr. Smith and Capt. Brown! ~

Capt. Brown tried to hold as still as possible as the timer counted down.

Tick tick tick…

“Why are you wearing that ridiculous hat, Zachary?” He finally asked.
“It’s my party hat,” Dr. Smith replied, “Now hold still, it should be going off any minute now.”

Tick tick tick…

Dr. Smith couldn’t stand it any longer. “Why are you wearing that ridiculous shirt, James?”

Tick tick tick…

“It’s my party shirt.”


Friday, December 02, 2011

CWA Mini–sode: Do Not open Till Xmas

  “I HAVE AN AX NOW!” Capt. Brown yelled gleefully as he ran though the snow, waving the sharp ax wildly.
  “Should I have waited until christmas to give you your present?” Dr. Smith wondered.

Capt. Brown couldn’t hear him over his own glee. 

Thursday, December 01, 2011

CWA Mini–sode: Lumberjack

Capt. Brown was pleased with himself, he had carried this tree all the way back. 
  “Look, Zachary!” He said, grinning, “I got us a christmas tree!”
 Dr. Smith looked at it. “They didn’t have a bigger one?” He said, smiling slightly. 
Capt. Brown was momentarially confused, “I couldn’t have lifted a bigger one—Oh, you’re joking. ’They’ didn’t have anything to do with it, anyway. I chopped this one down.”
Dr. Smith examined it, it seemed to be your standard pine, very christmassy, ideal. Then he noticed Capt. Brown’s shirt.  
 “Where did you get that shirt, James?” 
 “It was first prize. I won it. It’s 100% Wool Tartan.”
 “It’s certainly bright. What was the contest?” 
 “Carving Woodland Animals out of Tree–Trunks with Chainsaws. I made the cutest moose you’ve ever seen.”  
 “Let’s see it then.” 
Capt. Brown fished a snapshot out of his pocket. “See?” He said, “It’s almost impossible to make legs if you don’t know the trick, no one else knew the trick. Detail work, that’s what sells these things.”
Dr. Smith examined the snapshot, it had been taken with an instant camera. The carving was in fact pretty cute. It was a little statue, carved of wood. He wondered how Capt. brown had made it with only a chainsaw, that seemed impossible. “Very skillful, James.” He said “I’m honestly impressed. But where is it?” 
  “They sold it.” Capt. Brown replied, “It was all for charity.” He added, in response to Dr. Smith’s questioning stare. 
  “What was the charity?” 
  “It was a good charity, I thought they were doing some really great work.”
  “What was it?”
Capt. Brown seemed a little sheepish.  “Razors for Woodsmen.”  He said.