Sunday, November 04, 2012

CWA Mini–Sode: Candidacy

     “Hey Zachary! look at my new poster.” 
Dr. Smith examined the poster; 

 “ ‘The People’s Candidate?’ You do know, James” He said “That the election is only a technicality, right? You wrote yourself into the constitution. You’re running for ‘Glorious Tyrant For Life’  You’re the only candidate.”

Capt. Brown was slightly crestfallen, “Of course I know, Zachary. But look, it’s my face on a poster.” His eyes sparkled like a child, “I ordered 100,000. You want to help me put them up around town?”
Capt. Brown delivered this proposal like he’d just scored the last two tickets to a prized concert, Dr. Smith had only one possible answer.

”Of course I’ll help you, James. I’ll get my stapler.”

The Photographers of Copperstate