Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith H.M.O.

This weeks Episode:
One Lump, Or Two?

Last week as you recall, Dr. Zachary smith was approaching his house. Just after it suddenly appeared out of an engineered fold in the fabric of space and time…


Oh yes, and there is a mysteriously robotic voice telling him his tea is ready.


Dr. Smith opens the door, only to be confronted by

Dr. Zachary Smith yells, Surprised at the sudden appearance of {disappointed sigh.} Jeeves. I was hoping for something more exciting, honestly, like a killer robot, left by Capt. Brown to destroy Dr. Smith, by praying on his love of tea, or something. Well, one can hope.
"YOUR TEA, SIR." "Thank you Jeeves, were you expecting me?" Dr. Smith inquires, although he already suspects the answer,
"YES SIR." "And how-" "HIS HIGHNESS CAPT. BROWN WAS HERE NOT TEN MINUTES AGO, HE SAID TO PUT THE KETTLE ON FOR YOU, SIR." "I suspected as much, I will take Tea in the garden, I assume it is still connected to the house?" "YES SIR. YOUR PAPER IS AT YOUR SEAT, SIR." Dr. smith peruses the paper. Ah, ANSRW local 42 {the Ancient and Noble Society of Robotic Workers} is having a bake sale. Capital. Wait, what's this? Not another note from Capt. Brown? No, local postmark. Let's see"……heard you were in town……haven't seen you in awhile……catch up……I made cookies. Signed, George." Cookies? George? I thought he could only type in morse code? "Oh, Jeeves, find me George's address would you?" "I AM SORRY SIR, HE LIVES IN A TENT. HE DOES NOT HAVE AN ACTUAL ADDRESS." "Alright then, what sort of vehicles do we have in the garage?"
Join us next week for our next exciting episode entitled:

Hi Ho Clunker! Away!

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