Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The continuing weekly adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith, H.M.O.

Today we meet Dr. Zachary Smith, a traveling explorer from legopolis, intent on the pursuit of furthering knowledge on the human race, for the ignorant chaps back in legopolis, {no offense intended ignorant chaps in legopolis} You see, no one in legopolis really knows that much about Humans, they're customs, what they eat, and so forth, except for a small amount of information by the famous pioneer explorer Ronald Daveu, who founded Legopolis in 1885, but unfortunately he was'nt much of a writer, and a terrrible painter, and so the glorious city of legopolis went ignorant of the human race, until one day a local inventor went Camping, and got lost in The Great Beyond. and discovered Humans. after a brief scare he realized that Humans wernt that much diffent from Minifigures, in fact one "Jack" was quite nice, and offered to show The Great Beyond {which he called "The World"} to the good Doctor, and they became fast friends.-jake

Next Weeks Episode:  Close Encounters of the Human Kind