Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sir Jacobs Daily Photograph,Tunneling Away.

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Sir Jacobs Daily Photograph,Tunneling Away.
Yesterday i went out in the snow to play with my Sister, and i came across a sinkhole in the ice/snow, i looked down, as to investigate what was causing this hole, i discovered that it was not a sinkhole at all, but a tunnel! i followed it, and unfortunately destroyed the tunnel in the process, but i eventually discovered a small green tunneling machine, covered in two inches of undisturbed snow! i can only conclude that this Mole Machine dug its way through the snow, and, operating under its own power, was attempting to cross the yard fully submerged! Now tunneling by itself is dangerous, but tunneling through snow, in spring? i am surprised that the two occupants had not drowned by now!  i wonder if they know Zachary?
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