Monday, February 04, 2013

Florence, [Walk Around 2]

Warning: There are a couple of pictures of official reproductions of the world–famous statue by Michelangelo; David.
  He’s naked. But he’s also a statue.
  If you’re up–tight or super religious or something; You’ve Been Warned. 
     You can see his little carved…Erhgh–hurm. If that bothers you please go do something else.
Also: There’s a statue of Perseus and Medusa’s head. It’s copper or something, but still kind of gross.

Detail: San Lorenzo windows.

Detail: Piazza della Repubblica.

This thing is actually really cool, I was wandering around the Piazza della Repubblica and I noticed this big clump of people, all staring at a thing. So, like a human I had to know what this thing that was so interesting was.