Thursday, June 26, 2008

where are you!?

yes i know i havnt been around for awhile faithful reader {you know who you are!}
Xavier part 5

{new bit not available in stores!}

so he left it at that. samuel debated seeing Xavier the next day, he seemed like a nice robot, not megalomaniacal at all, but he decided to bring a phazer just in case.

after Samuel left Xavier it was only 46.5892 seconds until the door opened again and humans 1-6 rushed in, "what happened!? why`d the alarm go off?" human 5 demanded, to which Xavier calmly replied, "i require a cube on robot design." oh, right." said human 5 "you," he pointed out human 6,"fetch all the cubes on robot design, and be quick about it!" at that human 6 rushed off "now X-56," continued human 5 "why`d the alarm stop?" Xavier wasn`t sure how to answer that without giving away Samuel so all he said was " it stopped because the circuit was broken."
"did you break the circuit X-56?" demanded human 5 "no." answered Xavier truthfully. "it just stopped" which was only mostly true. "hmm... were watching you X-56, you three, come with me. you stay here and wait for, Him to come back , then you and him report to me back at HQ" at this he left , taking humans 1, 3,and 4 with him and leaving human 2 behind to wait for human 6. after human 5 left human 2 turned to Xavier and said "my name is alex." Xavier replied, "my name is Xavier, thank you for telling me your name, but why haven`t you before?" i`ve been monitoring your conversations, i know it was samuel smith, the cook, that stopped the alarm, the reason the others didn`t know is because i installed secret microphones in the door way, i know about you wanting to see the outside, i would like to too, but the boss wouldn`t like it, i can draw you a map if you have something to draw on,"
Xavier handed alex a piece of card board. alex took out a pencil and started to draw.