Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sir Jacobs Daily Photograph,look down, now.

Today on,                {w{hat}ever}
Sir Jacobs Daily Photograph, your shoe's untied.
I would like to draw your attention to the bottom of the screen, scroll down, i`ll wait.
okay, you back? Right. these are people are people whose pictures i found in the Wikipiedia and who i thought that looked interesting,  so i glued them together inside my computer, and then noticed that five of them are famous writers, and then the other two are  a violinist and my dad, {  i dare you to find him in wikipiedia } i assure you that naming all these famous writers, { and a violinist and a father } has nothing to do with my trying to influence your opinion of this station, the producers of this program, or the Many and Varied writers and experts whose amazing work goes into every single blog posting.
That is all for today,
Best Regards,