Who are you?
     Jacob Earl and the Save The Croissants Visual Team are available for any number of formal or informal engagements. We have skills such as:
  • Years of experience in Full–service video production, from shooting to editing and colour correction
  • Photographing events like weddings and…other events? With final packages including original files and ~40 professionally-edited keepsakes {We don’t have printing capabilities currently, sorry}
  • We can come teach you how to use any sort of camera {film, digital, even video} in your very own home
  • Fashion advice probably
How Much?
     All these services and more relating to the visual arts are available at very reasonable and negotiable rates! But at least $10 an hour. 

Where are you?
     We are currently located in Olympia Washington, USA*, but if the project is video or photo editing, something that could be worked on together online, we could work with you from anywhere in the world!

Sign me up!
     Contact us at STCroiss@gmail.com or @STCroiss on twitter.

*I’m in Florence Italy until April 2017, but I’m moving around a lot after that which means I may be IN YOUR VERY HOMETOWN! Contact me on twitter and we’ll hang out