Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Review: Sky Burger and Scoops



This Reviewer did get these two iPhone apps for free, but I wasn't paid to review them. The reason This Reviewer didn't have to pay for his iPhone Apps was because of a crazy deal on the App Store. {100% off, for one day only} Nimblebit probably doesn't  even have any idea This Reviewer {or this website, for that matter} even exists. 

         First off, this Reviewer would like to Apologize for the terrible formatting of this post.  It's really hard to format things in the Blogger Post editor.  This Reviewer would also like some sort of offline editor, or some way to plug in a
.pages or .word document, but Blogger probably isn't even listening to this Reviewer whinge. So enough of that, down to the review.  First: 


The Idea is to catch all the scoops of iced cream while avoiding the vegetables. Sounds simple right? Well, It is.  And in the greatest tradition of really fun games, it's easy to learn, but really hard to master. You move your stack from side-to-side by tilting your iPhone {or iPod touch} or you could choose to turn on the touch option, but that's a bit clunky. For every Vegetable you catch, you lose a star. You can regain stars {and stave off failure} by catching these special starred "Scoops".  For your each"Scoop" you catch, you get Points, along this table:


But for every scoop you miss you lose points

You don't lose points for catching Vegetables, you lose stars, When all the stars are gone, you lose. now this all sounds very complicated, but it isn't really. When this reviewer was playing "Scoops" he didn't even notice any of that stuff, no, he noticed how the background changes the higher you go.  Oh? you thought it stopped once you got to the top of the screen?

Oh No, none of that.

First you come to the city,

Then the sky



Then Mars, then Jupiter, which is the highest I've This Reviewer has gotten, but for this test this reviewer could only get as high as the moon.


"Scoops" is a great little game, easy to learn, hard to master. It has a great visual style, and it'll keep you coming back to it for just a couple of minutes, waiting in line and such. And If you have to take a call, or your order is up, it'll save your spot so that when you come back you haven't lost all you hard work.
Recommendation: Don't buy it right away,  wait until a deal presents itself. Unless of course if you have two extra dollars.


Built along the same lines as "Scoops" this neat little game also by Nimblebit sets you up as an entry-level employee of the MacDonalds-esqe HamBurger place. 

You start out every "Level" with an new "Order" this tells you which ingredients you should catch.

Catch every ingredient and you get a hefty tip, catch a wrong ingredient and you lose one percent of said hefty tip. when all your ingredient are caught grab a top bun, and you win that burger.  Symbolically, of course. All you really get is a better "Paycheck" which is just another way to say "points".   If you catch a top bun before the Burger is done, however, you start back at burger one. usually a different burger one each time, but still a burger one.  In the background you can see the burger joint you own, it starts out as a cart, and this Reviewer has only gotten as far as a building. it changes up with every succession of rank.  This Reviewer started out as a rank 1  {junior burger-flipper," and now he is on rank 3 {asst. Manager} It stands to reason that the background changes the higher you go, but This reviewer has only gotten as far as the tops of the buildings. Every once in awhile you get a "SkyBurger" which is basically a free play.  The higher your rank the more free plays in a row you get. {Exempli Gratia, "Jake" is Rank 3, so he gets three free plays in a row}

"SkyBurger" Is a great little game, like "Scoops" it's a casual game that is easy to learn hard to master and quite hard to put down.  

Price: 1.99 USD
Recommendation: If you liked "Scoops" but want a bit more detailed gameplay? then Pick up Sky burger.

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