Thursday, June 05, 2008

the detective story.

Today i shall be telling a story of a detective, Enjoy
Chapter 1

They had me cornered, nowhere to run nowhere to hide, i had told them i didnt do it but they didnt believe me, they never do, this is the third time this has happened to me this week, and this is a good week. i could hear them coming up the stairs, they
were almost here. i had nowhere to run to, no escape, the window was jammed, and it was a three story drop straight down, so that was out of the question, i had pushed all the furniture up against the door, but that wouldnt hold them for long, that was when i started thinking about how i got into this mess, with all the exits blocked and the police coming to get me, it all started about a week ago when i was in my office on fifty-second street,
i was working on some paperwork, trying to get the bills paid, when the door blew open with a bang, but i was used to that by then `cause it was a windy day and the lock was broken, but this time there was a dame in the doorway, said she had a case for me, husband was missing, i asked her when she last saw him, she told me three days ago, they`d had a fight, over money, he stormed out and that was the last time she saw him. " how much you got, lady?" i asked,"four dollars and fifty cents." i took the case.

The End for now.

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