Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures… Bonus Feature #1

Bonus Feature! #1
This Coming Tuesday Dr. Smith and George are Escaping from some Mysterious Lamp Posts,  But how do I bring you this Story?  How do I get the Pictures from Reality, to you?  For the answer to that question, let's go over to the rather Large Blank Spot, where the Two Mechanics who designed one of our many specialized cameras, the Spider-Cam are waiting to talk to us.
Mr. Temple,  Mr. O'Connor, can you hear me?
"…I Can Hear you loud and clear Boss. But Mr. Temple has never been on Television before, so He's Froze up…" Oh, well it's not really television.  But Anyway, can you tell us about the Spider cam?
"…Well Boss,  The Spider Cam is what You're lookin' through now, It's, uh, Like a sort of cam'ra on legs…"

"…I took a normal Sized Camera then we got lots'a arms from the Robotical Wholesale Supply Co. and pet 'um on as legs, Then we made a Limb Control box,  progammin' it to register the "Arms" as uh, legs.  I got some Antennae to send the Picture to ya',  Then I Got Mr. Temple to program  the channels into the main Brain part, which sends it to you, Boss.  And then…" So Mr. O'Connor, Sorry for cutting you off, but what you are saying is that These are just Video cameras on Legs?  "…Mostly, But its More'n that…"  Such as?  "…Well, ya'see, It starts out as a camera on legs.  But Once we send One out, Its No Longer a Spider-Cam, It's Sumthin Else.  Once We send'um out, Some stay Spider-cams, but mostly they get broken for one reason er uh'nother, Resultifyin' in em being Sumthin Else, See?…"
Er, No, I'm Sorry I don't.  "…Once One uf them Spider-Cams gets Broken, or needs ta doo sumthin else, Such as flyin around, it adapts.  Here, one of them Spider-Cams was broken, and it Fixed itself, Just when you need'd that shot from the Sky. We gat that picture?  Good, Put it on the Little Screen, there…" 
 "…See dat? It turned Itself innoo A plane, just for yo to get that shot. I have a 'nother one 'ere sommwhere…"
"…Cannyoo See dat?  Its Got Special Climbin' Additions. and you would never have noticed, cuz youse is always on da wrong side!…"
Thank you very Muchfor that Mr. O'Connor, Mr. O'Connor is an alumnus of the Legopolis school of Mechanical engineering.  They don't provide courses on grammar, but he's the Best Darn Mechanic this side of Dr. Smith!

-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.