Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Xavier part four

yes yes, i know i didnt have much yesterday, and i probably wont have anything tomorrow, but untill then here, oh yeah ©2008 Early Bird Productions®

Xavier part four.

After samuel left it hit him. project X-56 was a Robot! robots are the reason humanity was underground! what was the governor thinking? samuel couldn't stop thinking about it all the way back to sector 3 where the kitchens were, he was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he knocked over bill, who was in charge of the food storage room. "watch it Sam!" said bill as he picked up the boxes of plex he dropped, "sorry," said samuel as he helped bill with the boxes, "i didn't see you, and its Samuel to you,`William`" "okay i get it, geez, what's so important that it impairs your vision?" samuel considered telling bill about Xavier, but it might leak to management that it was he that stopped the alarm, and then he would lose his job for interfering with government business. so all he said was "I'm just worried about that shipment of plex we are supposed to be shipping to sector 14 today they`re 12 boxes low and if our shipment doesn't get there they`ll starve in a month." which wasn't Exactly true, sector 14 was low, but only 3 boxes, and they`d starve in a year, but Samuel figured it was a good enough excuse, and it satisfied Bob. so he left it at that.