Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve


Walking in

CWA Mini–sode: Gee, Thanks

  “Gee. Thanks. Mom, and Dad.” Dr. Smith said, trying not to force his words. “A gold brick. Just what I wanted.” 
  “You’re welcome Son.” Said Morton, Obliviously pleased that his son had liked the gift. “You know, all this gold was just cluttering up the house.  I thought about paving the west gardens with it, but then I realised that’s a terrible idea. Because Gold’s so soft, right? You’d need some kind of hard brick for pavers.” 
  Capt. brown shook his gift.  It made no noise. “I wonder what I got.” He said. 
   “Oh, you got one too.” Said Mrs. Lisa Smith. 
Capt. Brown tore open the package. 
It was a rather used gold bar.
He could barely contain his grin.  He leaned over to Dr. Smith and Whispered Conspiratorially; “I love your family!” 
 “Yeah.” Dr. Smith replied.
 “Now. Son. What did you get me?” Asked Mrs. Lisa Smith. 
 Dr. Smith handed her a present, and she opened it. It was a very nice sweater. 
 “Gee. Thanks.” She said, forcing a smile. “Wherever did you–” 
  “I built a robot especially to knit it for you.” 
  “Oh. Thank you. That’s actually quite thoughtful.” 
Capt. Brown watched the awkwardness with amazement. 
  “From now on I’m spending every christmas with you, Zachary.”