Monday, February 18, 2013

Rome: Colosseum

 The Colosseum: Death Dome of the Ancients. 
  The Colosseum is weird, most of the monuments in italy, the really famous ones, are way bigger than you’d think but the Colosseum seems to fluctuate.
 When I first walked up  I thought “Wow, this is way smaller than I thought it was.” But it isn’t. Not at all. In the subsequent pictures, look for the people who are standing on the ground directly next to it. That’s the real scale.

Panorama: When we walked over to the Colosseum we ended up on a hill with some parked cars, look in the botom right hand corner of the picture.
Those teeny–tiny dots are people who are actually CLOSE to the Colosseum.

Detail: Included, people for scale.