Monday, June 15, 2009


I, Sir Jacob .D. Fredrickson Esquire, Formerly of the United States of America, and the entire crew of His Majesty's Zeppelin the Peregrination do hereby secede from the land based countries, forming our own country hitherto referred to as "JakobRikeILuften"
our laws are as follows:
General Rules:
1. Sir Jacob .D. Fredrickson Esquire and whosoever he chooses as successor is "the Boss", what he says goes.
2. We will not participate in any war{s}, ground-based or otherwise.
3. "När du är Osäker Sväng Vänster" will be our national motto and creed, by which we live our lives.
4. All uprisings, overthrowings, and/or mutinies, need to submit a legal form, asking "the Boss" for permission, before any and all, uprisings, overthrowings, and/or mutinies.
5. There will be no smoking, drinking of alcohol, or illegal substances in JakobRikeILuften. Anyone possessing any of these things, will be given a fair trial, and then shot. If "the Boss" decides to take mercy on your soul, you will merely be deported and restricted from entering JakobRikeILuften in your lifetime.
6. JakobRikeILuften will be pronounced: Ya-Kob-rike-E-luften.

Rules Regarding Citizenship:
1b. Anyone can become a citizen, regardless of race, gender or religion, as long as you agree to all Rules.
2b. Any would-be citizen should not be running from any sort of police force, {as would incur General Rule #2.} unless "the Boss" agrees that the cause is unjust, and allows you on board.
3b. Stowaways should follow rule #2b. {Regarding Citizenship.}

As "the Boss" I welcome you to JakobRikeILuften, and I hope you enjoy your stay, please sign below or leave a comment for citizenship, then report to the ætherdocks, first thing tomorrow.

-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.

"the Boss" of JakobRikeILuften