Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide Vol. 1

I Have Been Afraid of posting lately, mostly out of shame from the catashtrophe that is my errant sidebar.

But in the Mood of the season, I have Decided to bring you a few of my favorite ideas for Christmas/other Holiday that incorpoates gift giving/anytime.

All of these items I can personally vouch for the quality, and/or own myself.  I'm not getting any from the sales of these itmes, although that would be awesome. The images are links to the product's page.

1.  A Book.

Everyone loves Books!  I Have used this particular one as an  example as Mr. Pratchett is my new favorite author,  and this one was Christmas-Themed.  Some people may swear by those newfangled e-readers, but I have tried them in the stores and such, and they are Quite lame.  Really, you can't beat the classics.
Generally USD$8.00 or so for Pratchett books, but price will vary by book. 

2. A Hat.

This Particular Hat is My Daily, I have crushed it, Packed it, stuffed it inside my coat to protect it from high winds, worn it thoroughly, probably sat on it and even used it as a pillow once, and as it is a Crushable it still retains its shape.  But Be warned,  it can be wet. but if it is raining torrentially, bring a brolly.  In Heavy Rain It Shrinks, see.  But it has a Puggaree {Sweatband}  so  only the crown shrinks, giving it a strange lopsided look. But thorough soaking could perhaps turn it into a whole new hat entirely… But to protect your invstment always Bring A Brolly.

USD$49.00, but black is on sale for USD$24.00.

3. Any Apple Product.

Everyone loves apple, {Right?} and with the diverse range of Apple Products, there is a Product for every Budget. I would go with an iPhone or Macbook Pro. {they have 13" Macbook Pros Now!}
iTunes USD$free.
Other Apple Products: USD$59.00-$3,299.00

4. LEGO®

I Personally love LEGO®, and they  come in all sizes, but for this holiday season I Would recommend the advent calender.  I Have Been Opening a door every day, and it has been shaping up nicely!


5. Umbrella.

This is my umbrella, manufactured by the Totes Co. of Cincinnati Ohio.  It Is not the most Sturdy of Brollies, but with a lifetime {Yours, not its} guarantee you could have an umbrella forever, for only $12.99. But only if you are alright with Not having an umbrella for two to three weeks at a time as they repair/replace it.  available at Targets® Everywhere. {Although I Can only vouch for the U.S. Targets®.


That's all I Can think of at the Moment. But look out for More posts along a similar Vein soon.

-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.


PostScript:  I Do Not get paid y any of the products advertised here: But I do enjoy them.