Sunday, June 21, 2009

-=Welcome Back=-

..."and that was the news, now over to our mobile correspondent, Sir Jacob. Sir Jacob, Do you read us?"

Loud and clear, lackey who decided to stay at the studio.

In these tough financial times, we all need to make sacrifices. Luckily the French government has made it easy for me to make these sacrifices, by reposessing my house.

One of the perks of having your own country {that flies} is that no matter where you go people are always happy to see you, {except France, they don't seem to like me, could be the tax-evasion, could be the £1.5 million I owe the French government}

But besides that, most places are very happy to give a weary monarch helium and avgas at a uh, discounted price. I am quite happy with this iPhone device, before I would have an idea, and by the time I got to a place with either wifi or telegraph access the idea would be poof, gone. Now I can type things as I think of them !

-=Best Regards=-

-Sir Jacob.
-- Post From My iPhone

-=iPhone backgrounds!=-

Today and today only, {ok, not just today} we are offering pictures modified for iPhone screens!

-=Best Regards=-
-Sir Jacob

-- Posted From My iPhone

*normal artwork rules apply, but with iPhone Instead of website/blog

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