Friday, September 18, 2009

-=Neat Posters=-

To Keep you bored Readers happy while I'm Gone, I'm Going to Be Posting some of my favorite Clip-art posters, for some of my favorite destinations.
Every day until I run out, at 12:00.
these posters aren't mine, they came from a Dover® royalty-free clip art CD, so they are probably O.K. to spread around, just don't sell them.

Here's another one from Nice, a nice place in France.  I like the bright colors and the neat cars Zooming past.   If you look carefully you will notice that every man in the picture has a Hat.  Those were the days.

-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.

Small idea.

Looking around the airport I see lots of Fedora's, and lots of suits.

But no suits wearing Fedora's.

That's sad.

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-=Second leg of the journey; Tampa, Florida=-

We finally met up with the Peregrination last night, and boy can I tell you it's no fun docking a small Blimp to a large Zeppelin at two in the morning. But we made it. And I slept fitfully for ages, and here we are! We are now in Houston, waiting patiently for security to decide that maybe we aren't terrorists.

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