Thursday, October 08, 2009

Chattanooga Tennessee Thursday October 1 2009-Friday October 9 2009

I'm only getting around to this now, as we're leaving, but we are in Chattanooga Tennessee.
And we have been since Thursday October 1 2009.

We {The Crew and I} Went to the local aquarium;

For some reason there were quite few abandoned bridges, most of which didn't actually go anywhere.

I Have a subscription to the Mote Aquarium, which belongs to the "National Association Of Zoos And Aquariums"  Which Lets us get in free, the √¶therweb site of the Tennessee Aquarium says they belong to the N.A.Z.A. too.  But according to the teller, they don't. So we had to pay.

It Had Better be worth it.

Right away there's this giant picture of a stream, or something.

Or maybe a small River, but only from one side, and as you walk down the passage, it changes!

First Off you go downstairs, past the boats:

And the Old Lady with a parrot:

It was really neat-o.

All sorts of fish:

Leafy Ones.

Nosy Ones.

Even some fugitives from Justice!

But this Aquarium didn't just have fish, it also had some Butterflies;

This Poor little bugger Guy broke off that jaged part of his wing whilst attempting a jailbreak.  I don't see why, really, the Conservatory was quite nice, lots of flowers and things.

I'd say the Aquarium was quite worth it.

We went to a really good Barbeque place called "Sticky Fingers" go to the one in town, Ask For "Ben"

He's a Relative of mine, tip well.

We also went to {On a different day} a Really Good Thia place,

I don't usually use bold like this, but Thia Smile is a really good Thai place. the portions are deceptively small, my meal {Which was really good, it had peanut and coconut milk, spice and who knos what esle, all mixed up into this ethnic masterpiece} came in a bowl no larger than your standard cereal bowl:

But even though I was starving, and even though it was truly delicious, this is how much was lft when I was done;

We more stuff than just this, but this is all that jumps out at me at the moment.  Oh, one more thing: we walked all around the town, My Aunt Being our guide; We went over this bridge:

And walked around the town on the other side.

A little story from today, we went over to Said Aunts house for dinner, and when we were done, we watched "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" {O.K., nothing to write about.}  But My Aunt has this cat, Quite Nice, in a cat sort of way. 

Well, halfway through the movie, {And the Lights are down, for the whole "Movie theatre" Experience} I'm sitting on the couch, Legs extended to the ottoman, and The Cat jumps up onto my leg* {From the ground, as cats do. You know the whole "I'm A Cat You're a Piece of furniture" thing} Well, you see I'm Not used to Cats.

So I Flinched.

And as The Cat slid off my leg and to the ground,** I caught Her eye, it said: "Oh, God. this is not how this is supposed to work out."  so she scrambled madly and let go,*** Embarrassed that She slid. I got a good kick out of that. ****

I felt like an idiot too, every time that cat came over and said "Mow." at me my heat melts.

Just "Mow."  A statement.

You see the cats plan was to use me as a sort of bridge, launching herself at my legs, stalking up past my knee region, and jumping to the couch to put her front paws possessively on My Aunts chest.

"My Human"

-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.

*Couch-Bound, as I said, I'm a piece of furniture.

 **Claws extended.  My good pants too.

***I'm Fine, thanks for asking.

****I thought it was hilarious, not that I Kicked the cat.