Thursday, May 20, 2010

Open 'Till Midnight

In what strange scenario would you need a car dealership at midnight?

  No, I can picture it; 
    "Oh god!  The Car is irreparably damaged!  And its so Bloody late! What will we do?"
        "Well, we could order a taxi–"
            "A TAXI?  But that's so expensive! I need a car, now!"
              "Well, there's a Late-Nite dealership three blocks from here–"
                 "How Late-Nite?"
                   "Well, midnight but–"
                     "WE SHALL TAKE IT AT A RUN!"

It's so much better if you read it in an outrageous British accent.
  But then again, what isn't?

-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.