Saturday, September 06, 2008

Xaveir part 9

as they waked on each tunnel began to look exactly the same as the last, blending into a monotonous stretch of tunnel, entirely pitch black except for the light from Xaviers Visual Light Emitters and Samuel's flash light, so when Samuel turned off his light and asked Xavier to do the same, Xavier looked at him askew, but nevertheless
turned off his light, but when he did he noticed a strange green light up ahead, "is that the outside? asked Samuel, "maybe," answered Xavier cautiously, and as they got closer it did indeed get brighter which Xavier assumed was standard with sunlight, but having never been outside he couldn't be sure, he vaguely remembered something about the color of sunlight as being yellow, but the sun could have changed he supposed, in nearly 450996.2785919 years, and three and a half years, give or take. but when they did reach the light source they found it wasn't in fact the above, but a room of glowing green crystals, "they're beautiful!" remarked Samuel "locate a couple of loose ones and put them in the bag, we amy have use for them" Samuel did as he was told, the bag was quite a bit heavier now, so Xavier offered to carry it after seeing Samuel struggling,