Tuesday, December 06, 2011

CWA Mini-Sode: Worth it.

“It was definitely worth dragging all this stuff out here into the park, I think.” Capt. Brown said, Dr. Smith raised his glass in agreement.


CWA Mini–sode: Law Stand

“I would like some law, please.”

CWA Mini–sode: Merry Christmas Card Photos

~ Merry Christmas From Dr. Smith and Capt. Brown! ~

Capt. Brown tried to hold as still as possible as the timer counted down.

Tick tick tick…

“Why are you wearing that ridiculous hat, Zachary?” He finally asked.
“It’s my party hat,” Dr. Smith replied, “Now hold still, it should be going off any minute now.”

Tick tick tick…

Dr. Smith couldn’t stand it any longer. “Why are you wearing that ridiculous shirt, James?”

Tick tick tick…

“It’s my party shirt.”