Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith H.M.O.

This weeks episode is entitled:
Episode #27,28, {No wait} 30: Call me the Narrator.
Hello Lamppost, watcha knowin? I Came to See your Skel'tons growin'.
I Said, *Ahem* My name is, well, not important, but you can call me the Narrator.
"Oh, O.K. then, Mr. Narrator, what can you tell me, us, about this canyon?"
Nothing. That would be telling. But if you want, I can tell you a good way to get to the Bottom.
"Alright, how?"
*Whisperwhisperwhisper* "OH! you go first George."

"George? Was that A window?"
No, it was The Window.
"Oh. Like The Door?"
After reaching the ground Dr. Smith and George survey the Grisly scene that awaits them.
Swing camera………13a Around………13.56 degrees counter-clockwise
Scattered around the desert were the Bleached bones of Thieves, Murderers, Runway slaves, Condemned Stock brokers, Adventurers and One misguided Janitor.
Dr. Smith Notices a nearby Skeleton, and rushes over, applying all his Doctor-y knowledge.
"He's Dead, George."

"Pity about that, Whats in his pack?" "Five bandages, two Fifty-year-old jam sandwiches, and a half-full canteen" "Half-full of what?" "Let's see, oh, here we go. Sand. Just Sand."

What they Don't notice as they go around, GRAVE ROBBING! Stop that George! Dr. Smith!
"Why? it's no good to him anymore. What is he gonna be doing with a nice vintage Canteen?"

Dr. Smith.


What they Don't notice as they Go around, Robbing graves, is that, Shh, Dr. Smith might hear, *The Lamposts are gaining. Shh…* "What?" Nothing.
"Hey George!" Dr. Smith yells, completely unaware of the present danger, "What?" George Replies, "Lets go over to that door set into the wall of the Canyon." Huh? Swing around camera 45.6a!

I Didn't even notice that.
"Dr. Smith? did you hear that?"
"AHA! I knew I wasn't crazy! you can hear him too?"
"Hear Who? No, it was a "
"Sounded like something, Scraping along…"

"Was that lampost there before?"

"On the grave of Ronald DaVeu! that Lampost Just Moved!"
Heh Heh Heh…
"Did you already know about this Mr. Narrator?"
Dr. Smith?
"Ah, Yes."

Just As the get through The Door, A LIghtning Bolt Strikes, just where they were standing, Lets rewind the tape and see where it came from...
Oh Dear..
That's worrisome.

Very Worrisome

Next Week, same time, Same Channel.

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Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.