Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith H.M.O.

this weeks episode entitled,
All is Fair in Politics and Liberal Roofing Policies

Cup 'o' tea?

suit yourself.

I am doing the weekly adventures today because Jack is off to look for his house in France. oh, my name is Dr. Zachary Smith, you may know me as the star of our show. any way, i thought i would show you around legopolis today.

Legopolis is Full of amazing architecture such as this one example. Early James period, I believe. we have a moving picture Theatre, and marvelous cafes. but our real claim to fame is being the most energy-efficient city in the Tri-state area, we pioneered wind and solar power, and then we phased out cars quite awhile ago, so now we only use flying boats.

that's right, i said flying boats.

you see i am an inventor, the only one in town, and Capt. Brown, {the Mayor} is my close friend.

so i get a lot of contracts.

Legopolis is also known because its the seat of power for the Legopolis tri-state Area, there are two distinct powers in legopolis, Capt. Brown, and his Roof-Top police,

and the Lawyers.
you see, Legopolis used to be a dictatorship, with Capt. Brown in the seat of absolute power, and it went on like this for quite a number of years, with the title of Capt. Brown being passed down from generation to generation, until last year. when, in another part of the country, a rouge law student decided that he was going to reform the country into a republic. Democracy takes too long. he didn't meet with too much Resistance, since the Mayors attitude towards usurpers was "oh, O.K. he wants to try it for awhile? maybe i can finally get that trip to hawai'i" and so when the Lawyers came, he just let them go about their business. until he found out about their
Evil Plot
And their Evil plot is: making every person pay copious amount of money for simply existing.

Right, their plan is: Taxes
and so our mayor, with his passive aggressive attitude, the lawyers and the Roof-top police have been staring at each other,

all-day, every day, for a year.

join us again next week when hopefully Jack will be back so that he can make up a new title.

Dr, Zachary Smith.

Quite the High Ranking Official of Early Bird Productions, Inc.

Next Weeks Episode: #17 Preparing For an Expedition. Or, The Technology of Dr. Zachary Smith.