Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith H.M.O.

This Weeks Episode:
Last Week as you recall, the Team Was trapped inside the humans  Boxy Vehicular Transport, When an ominous Sound made its way through the Styrofoam, Plastic, and possibly Metal, walls of the machine, a noise like a thousand bones crunching under the feet of a thousand pound lion, 
oh. it's just Jack. 
 after quick introductions i, er, that is, Jack, told them that we were about to leave the state, and that if they wanted to get back to Legopolis they should probably get comfortable in my, er, his , carry on baggage. they declined, preferring to rather go by
 Door. you know, The Door, to the Rather Large Blank Spot. if Capt.  Brown can get there for Easter, and Zachary can get there for Easter, well then it could act like a tunnel couldn't it?  
well it did, so there. 
after a short telegram to Capt. Browns Royal Door Framers a door appeared, but unfortunately there are no photographs of this end, due to technical failure, editing difficulties, and pressure from the transport industry,  but we did get photographs of them this end,
 these are from a local newspaper reporter, { cost me a bundle to get these pictures from his publicist, but i got 'Em! } 
any way, here he is exiting The Door, 

 and here he is bestowing upon his students The Golden Telescopes, Signifying that the members of Dr. Zachary Smiths Exploratory Force, are hereby official Explorers! 
and Dr. Smiths colleagues
join us next week For the Episode {Maybe} Entitled:
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