Wednesday, April 03, 2013

There Was a Snake in Our Yard

SO I was out in our yard, here in Arizona, taking some pictures and walking the fence, very reasonable things to do in your own yard.
I walked towards the corner of the yard, I’m maybe a meter from the fence now and I see a tree branch.
Tree branch moves, just a tiny bit.
It’s a snake.
I run, terrified, to the back door, the sliding glass back door, the locked sliding glass back door.
After what felt like hours of terrified tapping on the glass Mom comes up and lets me in, staring at me like I’m an insane person.
I tell her there’s a snake, she goes over to look, I get my zoom lens and follow her.

After careful review of the photos in the field we determine it’s a gopher snake, harmless.
Unless you’re a  mouse, bat, or gopher.
It only eats tiny mammals, turns out.

Now the snake’s in the corner, he tries to slither out the crack in the wall he obviously came in by.
He has eaten a mouse or other small mammal whilst here, he’s fat and full and stuck.

Now here’s a video of what happend next: