Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy ThanksGiving!

Happy ThanksGiving! This is the day when a bunch of city-slicker convicts got kicked out of England, Took three disease-ridden boats, crossed a giant ocean, and mostly died on the way. When they did finally get to their destination {Pretty much anywhere besides England} they were so happy, but when they found out that there weren't any restaurants anywhere about, they weren't so happy. Luckily the Natives took pity on them {Which turned out to be a bad idea} and gave them some food. In Return the Settlers {Née Convicts} killed most of the natives, {Although in all honesty it was mostly the foreign diseases they carried with them} and declared this new, convict-free land the British colony of Boston Mass. 

On other news, sorry about the missing right sidebar, I Have no idea how that happened. it is now at the bottom of the post area, if you would like to go visit it.

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