Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith H.M.O.

This Weeks Episode:
Episode #34: Subdivisions in the Sky

Last Week as you Recall Dr. Zachary Smith was Rather Lost,  but that's nothing new.  What is new is that George is lost, Separated from Dr. Smith by ten stories of empty air.  You see, Last week Dr. Smith fell out of The Door, but it was a bit higher than he expected.

By About ten Stories.  

-=fig. 142: By About Ten Stories=- 

But Dr. Smith rallied Marvelously and is now inside his House, dragging his desk out to the patio.
Why?  You ask?
"YES DR. SMITH. WHY."  That's Jeeves, Dr. smith's personal Robotic Butler.
"I'll tell you Jeeves, if I hook this cable here, activate this, flick this switch on my typewriter, and I can control The House!"
"AND HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO CONTROL THE HOUSE DR. SMITH?" If it is possible for a robot with no movable facial features to look skeptical, Jeeves looked skeptical.  "Well, You told me my house follows me everywhere, right?  But it hasn't sustained the sort of damage it would if it were simply being dragged along the ground, so, it must not be touching the ground.  If I can Boost that feature to maximum power We can fly The House up to The Door, and probably rescue George."  Wow.  I had No Idea Dr. Smith was this smart! "I Discovered the Rather Large Blank Spot, revolutionized the Travel industry with my Flying Boats, and Mastered the Art of defensive swordsmanship, This is nothing."  Oh, I Forgot to mention that Dr. Smith can hear what I'm Saying after a jarring impact from falling down a mountain.  But that was ages ago. Oh Look, They're firing The House up!
And Off they Go!

-=fig. 143: Off they Go!=- 

    Here's A view from the improvised Cockpit:
-=fig. 144: A View from the Improvised Cockpit=- 
Sorry about the blurriness of the Picture, our cameras  have been subjected to numerous tortures as part of their journalistic careers,  {explosions, long drops, high altitudes, low altitudes, extreme heat, extreme cold…} I'm Surprised they have survived this long autonomously, honestly.   But they are programmed for Self-Preservation and evolution.  For example, our Spider-Cam {#234d}… But Never mind that.  Our Story Continues as we see Dr. Smith Pull The House up to The Door,  which is Mysteriously closed…
"Jeeves," Dr. Smith says, readying himself for the jump, "Keep the house hovering right here, Dig?" 
"DIG, SIR?" "Oh, Never mind. Just keep The House right here." "RIGHT SIR."
 -=fig. 145: He Jumps!=-
 He Jumps! He Barely Catches the DoorStep, as it Flickers in and out of reality in the Diffused daylight, a {Scale} bucket of water splashes onto Dr. Smith's Head  "Ah!" He says, "What Was that?"  Rain. Not even very Bad rain.  "Oh."  He struggles up onto The DoorStep, Inching open The Door, Endeavoring not to fall to his doom…    "You know, that doesn't help at all Mr. Narrator!"  Sorry.  He Doesn't Fall, and in fact makes it into the R.L.B.S. {Rather Large Blank Spot} unharmed. He then turns around, and says "Alright Jeeves, throw over the Boards."  Jeeves does, and they create a bridge, "Alright Jeeves, Don't let this Door close, I Might need to make a quick escape.
-=fig. 146: I Might Need to Make A Quick Escape=-

Dr. Smith turns, and wanders for bit but sees no indication of George, but the Light Fuzz was getting more prevalent the further he got from The Door… He Eventually came across a Dormant Light Post, that is, one that wasn't Discharging Light Fuzz…

-=fig. 147: He Examines the Base of the Light Post=-

He examines the base of the Light Post,And finds that it is not, in Fact, made of metal, at least, not any metal that I'm familiar with. It Seems to be Made of some Organic material, and as he stares, the material moves, in, and out. like a breath… He stands up, and looks up to the top of the Lamp Post,

-=fig. 148: Up To The Top Of The Lamp Post=-

"Ah, Dr. Smith.  I Have Been Expecting you."

Swing the camera around!
What a time for the Camera to break!
Join us next week for our next exciting Episode,

Episode #35: No, Dr. Smith, I Expect you to Die!

-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.