Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The C.W.A. of Dr. Z. Smith: Episode 52: Storming the Gate

Last Week As You Recall, Dr. Zachary Smith and the famed Ronald DaVeu had commandeered one of the Monoids' Marvelous Moving Machines, an MMM for short, and were now driving towards the only blinking dot on its radar.
  If they could read Monoidian then they would now that the blinking dot was in fact the home base of the Monoids, a vile place if ever there was one, but since they can't, they don't. 

-=fig. 352: the mmm=-

The only light on this long trip is provided by a selection of lanterns strung across the front of the MMM, not that it did any good on this black planet of tar.  The oppressive darkness of the planet itself sucked away the light of the lanterns, until one by one they went out.  
 "Well, Now we know why they didn't put any lights in!" Dr. Smith said in a lighthearted manner.  Attempting to brighten the overall mood of the situation.   Without any lanterns the only light now came from the horrible engines of the MMM, ferocious jets along the bottom of the machine which cast a red pallor over all.  

Ron, not being one for conversation at the best of times, said nothing.

In the distance the darkness took the shape of a castle, outlined in red as if on fire just behind the façade.  "I think I see it!" Dr. Smith said.  On the dashboard the radar blinked quicker.   As they approached the castle Dr. Smith realized that the castle was not a castle at all, but the ruins of a city, tumbled together and fused by the tar which falls from the sky.  It was a disconcerting sight to see, to say the least.

Dr. Smith negotiated the MMM expertly into the only well-lit area in sight, which turned out to be a dock, of sorts.  Not a true dock for there was no water left on this black planet, but still, a place to store an MMM. Dr. Smith tied up his machine, and took a look around.  There wasn't much to see, other machines, scattered around, tied to the pier.  All were alike, but none the same.  The one across from where Dr. Smith was standing had a giant cannon attached to the bow, another seemed to be made of bits of cars.  There were also lamp posts spread at random intervals, casting a pale glow on everything which only served to deepen the shadows.
 Dr. Smith was sneaking along the pier, quiet as a cat, a quiet cat that is, when a shot rang out from behind him followed by the tinkle of glass.  When he whirled around he saw Ron holding his gun, Old Bessie, and he saw a lamppost without any glass. 

"What did you do that for!"
  "It were spittin' bits o' fuzz at me.  Don' like them uppity lampposts."
    "Well congratulations, with all that shooting they'll be on us in less than a minute!"
A shadow detached itself from the pier behind Dr. Smith.
 "Hello…Again." It said.
Dr. Smith turned around, slowly.
 He knew who it was, too late.
"Hello again…Dopplegänger.
-=fig. 353:Doppelgänger=-
"It's good to see you again my Brother.  It has been a long time."
  "I'm not your brother.  Your mother was a cloning machine your father was a Monoid.  You're at best an abomination, and I'm not related to any abominations.  Except maybe…Aunt Agatha, but that was a accident. "
 "This has been very informative, brother,  But I'm afraid I have my orders. Monoids, take them both."
 Dozens of Monoids stepped out of the shadows, Dr. Smith, unarmed, and Ron, out of bullets, were no match for their sheer numbers.  
  It was a long walk through the makeshift fortress,  dodging hanging stalagmites of pitch, walking over precariously placed boards, and hoping that the room on the other side of this door is still there.
  Dr. Smith's Doppelgänger knocked on the crooked door twice.
    "Enter."  Said a voice from within.
"YOU!" Dr. Smith said, 
We fade to black. 

-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.