Thursday, June 18, 2009

-=A Bit of Perspective=-

This is for all the whiners People {with legitimate complaints} who complain about the iPhone and its faults,
let us just think back to the days of analogue, and meet what I like to think of as the iPhones "Crazy Uncles," {you know, the interesting relatives}
For calls, you would have to use one of these Bad-Boys:
An Actual Telephone,
no TeXTing, no touchscreen, nothing. {and if you wanted to add another phone, that would be another line, and workmen in your house all day attempting to hook it up}
For music:
A Record player.
not mp3s, mp4s, or some electronic circuit, but actual, Physical. Records. {which, I might add, only holds 1-8 songs per record}
For TeXTing, or, as they called it when I was young, Letters:
A Brother "Portable" Typewriter.
{loud, heavy, slow, and no internet capabilities, and if you wanted MMS, you would have to use an actual paperclip.}
For pictures,
A 0 megapixel falcon junior model, Film Camera.
{not even a view screen. you would typically have to wait till you got home to develop, and subsequently find out, that you forgot to take off the lens cap during the landing of those aliens in the parking lot behind the office.}

For movies:

A Bell and Howell 252, an 8 millimeter film movie camera.
{no zoom, no instant gratification, same time delay problem as the camera, and you have to use scissors to actually, physically cut the film}

And if you ever feel just too weighed down by the iPhones 4.8 ounces {135 grams}
Imagine trying to carry all this in your pocket:
That's way more than 4.8 ounces.
More like 12.7 Pounds.
Just something to think about before you go off to complain about the iPhone on your tweety-birds, and your face-toobs, or whatever it is you kids use today {on the Elektric Ætherwebs.}

-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.