Friday, April 24, 2009

Visit The Archives! Bring a Dust Mask!

I've noticed that not too many of you guys are not reading the archives, so please do so.
we have many interesting things in the archives, Dust. But Not just that, we have classic art rendered in lego, such as this famous painting.
{Rene Magritte's Son Of Man.}
We also serve {not Old, But vintage} blog such as this ad for Yellow® a cereal for legopolians with problems.
{based on Cheerios®}

And this earlier version.

whatever`s wrong with you, yellow® Can Help© *
*as part of a balanced breakfast this ad is not guaranteed

Remember, its not Old, it Vintage.

for those of you are just tuning in we are having a membership drive, our goal is 50,000 members by tomorrow, Sign up today!
Best Regards,