Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The C.W.A. of Dr. Z. Smith: Episode #73: The Doctors Doctor

Last Week as You Recall… 

  It was dark.
   And painful.
Then Dr. Smith opened his eyes. 
  That was worse. 

-=fig. 539: probably a hospital=-

RUN! Thought Dr Smith.
 Then: Why can't I move?  WHY CAN'T I MOVE!
"You sure He's gonna be okay, doc?"  Asked Capt. Brown, looming over Dr. Smith's bedside worriedly, as only a six-foot-seven-inch tall man can do. 
  "He vil–will be fine.  I am no Psychologist, but it seems to me his recent trauma has triggered some sort of…Psychotic break.  It is best that we leave hm alone, if you vil–will please wait out in za–the main room, I vil–wil join you in a moment.

  Don't leave me alone James! 
   "Yeah, sure doc."
 Capt. Brown turned and left.  
   "Hello again, Dr. Smith." Said the doc, "Ve meet again.  I had hoped ve vould meet under better circumstances, but I suppose you take vat you can get.   You maybe vondering vy you can't moof.  I have injected you vith a dose of  Suxamethonium chloride,  It'll vear off, as I'm sure you know, But By den it'll be too late! Mwah Ha ha ha hahahaha…" 
 Capt. Brown came running, he had only been halfway down the hallway, "What? What happened?"  The Doc was lying in a pool of his own blood.  His leg had been stabbed, deep.
   "Ze–the Patient! He stabbed me! And ran out that door! AORGH!!!!!"  He gestured to a door Capt. Brown hadn't seen before, a secret door.
 It was ajar, and Capt. Brown could hear footsteps running away.
The door led to a new, dimly lit secret passageway, Capt. Brown pursued.

-=fig. 540: chase=-

 "Zachary!  We can talk this out!  I know you didn't mean to stab him, really." He shouted at the quickly receding figure.  "I am the law!  I Control the Police!  You needn't go to jail, Not if you don't want to!"
 Dr. Smith Stopped running, he happened to stop near one of the few functioning lamps. 
 He was holding a bloody knife.

-=fig. 541: a new psychopath=-

"James." Dr. Smith said, calmly. "I'm not going to jail, but not because you keep me out, no, but because you won't be able to catch me.  I'm going to burn this city for what it's done to me, it will burn and they all will die.  Die."  Capt. Brown stopped running too, he smiled.  
  "Zachary, There's no need to do that.  Most of it's still on fire from the war–"
   "Be quiet James. "  Dr. Smith threw the knife with amazing accuracy. 
 Capt. Brown felt the impact, and the sudden warmth. Then the pain.  Oh god the pain.
  He looked down at the knife embedded in his chest, surprised "Wha?"  He tried to say, but only blood came out.
    So much blood.

-=fig. 542: betrayal=-
Faraway voices called to Capt. Brown, shook him.  He ignored them, his best friend had tried to kill him. 
   If Dr. Smith had been trying to kill him he would be dead. 
    Am I dead? He wondered. 
 ONLY MOSTLY.  Answered a heavy voice, much closer.

-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.
Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.