Saturday, September 06, 2008

Xaveir part 9

as they waked on each tunnel began to look exactly the same as the last, blending into a monotonous stretch of tunnel, entirely pitch black except for the light from Xaviers Visual Light Emitters and Samuel's flash light, so when Samuel turned off his light and asked Xavier to do the same, Xavier looked at him askew, but nevertheless
turned off his light, but when he did he noticed a strange green light up ahead, "is that the outside? asked Samuel, "maybe," answered Xavier cautiously, and as they got closer it did indeed get brighter which Xavier assumed was standard with sunlight, but having never been outside he couldn't be sure, he vaguely remembered something about the color of sunlight as being yellow, but the sun could have changed he supposed, in nearly 450996.2785919 years, and three and a half years, give or take. but when they did reach the light source they found it wasn't in fact the above, but a room of glowing green crystals, "they're beautiful!" remarked Samuel "locate a couple of loose ones and put them in the bag, we amy have use for them" Samuel did as he was told, the bag was quite a bit heavier now, so Xavier offered to carry it after seeing Samuel struggling,

Friday, September 05, 2008

Xavier part 8

inside the tunnel it was exceedingly dark, Xavier had no problem with this being a robot, but Samuel kept bumping into the walls taking pity on Samuel, Xavier increased the power in his visual light emitters, and they pressed on. "wheres Zim?" questioned Samuel, noticing he hadn't seen Zim for a good 30 minutes, Xavier turned to look at Samuel, then looked all around on the ground for Zim "rats." said Xavier "we have to go back," but by this time they had turned around, and were thoroughly lost and couldn't remember which way went back to the house, and which way led toward the outside "we're lost." noted samuel with his usual shrewd accuracy, "i say we pick each pick a direction, and whoever reaches the outside first waits for the other one, agreed?" "agreed." Xavier said. Samuel turned and went one way and Xavier sped down the tunnel in the opposite direction with super human speed. Samuel watched Xavier until he was out of sight, then walked off in his direction, after walking for about five minutes he heard a scuffling in the Shadows up ahead and to the left "Xavier?" Samuel said cautiously, thinking the robot had returned already, "Xavier if thats you this isn't funny," something cold brushed against his leg, he turned to face whatever it was, drawing his Phazer, "if that's you Xavier, I'm sorry." and fired, there was a yelp, and then silence. suddenly bright lights came from behind, he turned to face them and was almost blinded! "ahhh!" he yelled shielding his face, the lights dimmed and a voice said, "relax Samuel, its only me," "Xavier?" "yeah, What's got you so scared? oh, and here," Xavier said tossing Samuel a flashlight, as Samuel related his story they went in Samuel direction and Xavier drew a line on the wall with chalk "sounds like a rat." Xavier said, "a rat?" questioned Samuel "yes a rat, don't you know a bout Rats? they`re little furry animals," "oh an animal, we ran all of the animals out of the complex years and years ago due to the spread of disease." "then what do you eat?" "haven't you noticed? we only eat plex, not the best tasting stuff, but very nutritional!" Samuel said with a smile.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Xavier part 7

the 4:15 turned out to be a large vehicle, guided by a track into a seemingly endless tunnel "but wont anybody notice? "inquired Xavier "no." replied Samuel "no one uses the train any more, the people around here just drive usually, i think even the city forgot about it, thats why she stays running, would have fallen apart years ago if i hadn`t found her, i do repairs every once in awhile, but not very often, doesn't really need it." with that he climbed into a door on the side and yelled "AAAALLLABOOAARRD! next stop sector 15!" Xavier followed Samuel into the train, once inside Xavier looked around, there were a few chairs and a sofa, bolted into the floor with what appeared to be belts coming up from between the cushions, suddenly there was a tremendous screech and a jolt which nearly knocked Xavier to the floor, the floor was moving! this caused Xavier to yell "Samuel! were moving!" "well of course!" replied Samuel "how else did you think we were going to get to sector 15?"
Xavier hadn`t been sure, but he suspected Teleportation was involved. as the went on Xavier saw platform after platform pass by, all empty, it would appear that this method of transportation was truly forgotten. the trip seemed to Xavier to be taking awhile, so he decided to take Zim out of the bag and test him, he did so, zim unfurled, squeaked, shot sparks, and turned off 'looks like he over heated' thought Xavier as he readjusted Zims internal heating core, once he was done he turned Zim on, this time Zim unfurled and beeped, saying "WELCOME NICE DAY HOW ARE YOU NICE DAY , X= THE SQUARE ROOT OF THE THIRD INTEGER, THE ROSE RED HYPERBOLIC SPHERE 41/2 BILLION SONGS/POEMS WRITTEN ABOUT STARTING WITH SHAKESPEARE ..." and so on citing the entire works of Shakespeare in less than a minute, this caused Samuel to come out of the cabin "what`s all this?" he said over the garbled literary works, Xavier replied "i turned zim on, looks like the memory i salvaged from that Ubook had the entire works of Shakespeare on it." " all the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players," continued Zim "PLAY PLAY PLAY! WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY A GAME? how about chess!? KNIGHT TO E4..." Zim the proceeded to list all possible chess moves,"CHECK MATE CHECK MATE! I WIN HA HA HA HAND! most people have five digits, i have none why is that Xavier?" Xavier was shocked, "you know my name? " "why of course! you made me and managed to ingrain some of yourself into me, ME!ME ME ME METAL! carbon based zinc copper...." he then Continued to list all the metals, while he was doing this Samuel asked Xavier "Xavier, why is he so loud?" "glitch, i`ll fix it when he`s done" this took longer than Xavier initially thought, as there are over 100 different metals, he still wasn`t done when Samuel came out of the cabin and said "were there." Xavier got out of the train, Samuel followed close behind, the platform they got out onto was exactly like the one in sector 9, right down to the lack of people, "this way" said Samuel taking the lead, he led them into a huge area, and when Xavier looked up the sky was blue and he saw clouds! "samuel,"said Xavier, "i thought we were underground?""we are." replied Samuel "then what's with the blue sky and clouds?" "paint, and a Faulty air purification system." "oh." Said Xavier. and they moved on. as they walked down the street Xavier noticed that all the houses were the same,when he remarked on this samuel said "this is one of the earliest housing developments, built when we first got down here, the people were nostalgic." after fifteen minutes of walking down rows of identical houses Xavier consulted the map again," we're looking for a door, just set in the side of the wall," they looked for another 20 minutes, following the wall all the way around the cavern, but found nothing. there was one section of wall that they couldn't get to because a house was in the way, it looked abandoned to Xavier, but he decided to send Zim in to check. "now are you sure you have all the bugs out of him?"asked Samuel worriedly "of course" replied Xavier "watch." with that he turned zim on, he unfurled and beeped but all he said was "hi." "zim," Xavier said do you feel the need to tell us every thing in your memory banks?" "of course not, but if you want me to..."
"NO!, please don`t, now Zim," said Xavier "we need you to go inside that house to see if there are any people in there. can you do that?" "right away!" with that samuel picked Zim up and thew him through an open second story window. "why`d you do that!?"cried Xavier "you could have missed! or he could have shattered on impact! he`s very fragile and he`s our only scout!" Samuel was about to stammer out an answer when the door slid open "negative for humans Xavier." said Zim from the doorway "shall we proceed?" asked Samuel "hmph. " replied Xavier. as they went into the house Xavier saw that it was much nicer than his room, which he now saw as a cell, there was wallpaper with pictures of cats, but it was peeling, and there was a ceiling fan, but it looked as if hadn`t been used in years. "looks abandoned." observed Samuel. "all the better, we won`t be disturbed." Xavier said checking his map, "the tunnel we`re looking for was probably covered up when they built the house." there were three doors leading off from the main room, "samuel you take that door" Xavier said indicating the far left door "Zim, the far right, i`ll take this one." as they all headed off to they're respective doors Xavier found himself in a bathroom, he as about to investigate when he heard Samuel calling from the other room, when Xavier got to Samuel`s room he was in a kitchen, "looks like some one got here before us." Samuel said, and it was true, because in the side of the wall, where once had been cabinets, was gaping hole.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Xavier part 6

the next day samuel went to Xaviers room, the alarm did not go off when he opened the door, but when he did there were two robots in the room, Xavier, and a smaller robot, who didn`t seem quite finished yet. "hello samuel!" said xavier cheerily, "i would like you to meet Zim, i made him yesterday." samuel took a good look at Zim, and said, "he doesn`t look finished." to that Xavier replied "he isn`t. i plan on adapting him as we go along, for one thing, he doesn`t have a shell, so we`ll have to find some metal before we embark, do you have any dumps?" "yes,"said samuel, "in sector 9, almost right next door," "good. off we go!" and with that Xavier proceeded into the passage way, once he was out, he turned to Samuel and asked "which way to sector 9?" samuel turned and said "this way." and set off down the passage. when they were nearly there Samuel stopped in the middle of the passage, "i cant go in," he said. "why?" asked Xavier, "heat sensors, its the door marked three, good luck." with that he sat down on the floor and crossed his legs. Xavier went to the door and opened it. beyond it was dark, Xavier felt the wall for a light switch, there was one, he switched it, it became light. it was almost blinding because of the gleam from the metal, Xavier took Zim from his compartment and searched for a suitable piece of metal, he found one almost immediately, it was a machine, with keys with letters on top, it was green, and said REMINGTON on top, it appeared that when pressed, the keys moved these hammers, which had letters inscribed upon them , perhaps it had at one point been an early robot, at any rate, there was enough metal to cover Zim, after the covering, he still required logic circuits, those were supplied by a small folding object, that had keys that resembled the REMINGTON , but this machine said melon Ubook Pro, and had a display that appeared to be made of liquid crystals, there were wheels nearby which he affixed to Zim, Xavier also found a telescopic ocular enhancement device, and a hat, which said "hubert johnson co." and a coat, which looked warm, {for Samuel} all this he put in the cleanest bag he could find, which happened to be bright blue, and carried out of the dump, samuel was still waiting outside, and when Xavier came out he said "good you`re back, i was just about to come in after you!" when Xavier showed him the contents of the bag he said, "wow a hat! haven`t seen one of these in years! but what kind is it?" Xavier told him he thought it was a hubert, because of the inscription, and showed samuel the ocular enhancement device, which samuel called binoculars, after that was done, samuel said "okay, you have seen outside, would you like to go back to your room now?" "no!" declared Xavier. "i do not, i would like to visit the outside. not outside my room, above ground. do you wish to come?" samuel thought a moment, then said, "yes, i do want to come, i`ve never seen the above, in person, from the pictures i`ve seen it looks beautiful, but i wouldn`t know how to get there." "don't worry samuel," said Xavier," i have a map." samuel was incredulous, "a map? where would you get a map?" "from human 2, alex his name was." replied Xavier as he took out his piece of card board, "looks like there are two ways out, the first one in sector 1, the other in sector 15" sector 1 is the government district, " said samuel " but sector 15 is mostly residential, i say we go out there." "i agree, in the government district they`d be sure to recognize 'project X-56', so how do we get there? " to that samuel replied "i suggest we take the 4:15."

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