Questions People Frequently Ask {Me, that is}

These Are the Things People ask me, Frequently.

So frequent it doesn't get a number: What gear do you use?

A: Jeez why does this matter so much to people. Please stop asking me this. The most important piece of gear is YOU and YOUR IDEAS. If you don’t have a good idea it doesn’t matter how good you gear is, I mean just look at my shit from 2011 or whatever. HOWEVER here’s a list of the stuff I use and like, with amazon affiliates links so if you click on it and buy something I think I get a little advertising penny:

—=My Gear=— 
(These are Amazon Affiliates links)

• Camera: Canon t3i

• Lens: Canon efs 18-55 IS STM

• Mic: Rode Videomic Pro 

Hey, trust me. Buy a notebook. It’ll make you feel a lot less crazy. This is my stuff I use, But really just pick something and keep it in your pocket:

• Pencil: Parker Jotter Stainless Steel 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil

• Notebook: Moleskine Classic Notebook, Pocket, Plain, Black, Hard Cover (3.5 x 5.5) (Classic Notebooks)

Q#1: How does one even submit a question?  This is a dead-end page!
  Submitted by: Jacob.
A to Q#1: Submit a Question HERE.  Or if you have a Tumblr account, HERE.

Q#2: What is Save the Croissants? And why should I save them?  Are you crazy?
  Submited by: Ms. Mom.
A to Q#2: First, I most probably am crazy. Second?  When I was younger, I had this idea. where do croissants actually come from? I did a bit of digging {in France, no less.} and found that Some croissants are legally harvested by licensed professionals, Some croissants are fed organic free-range milk and eggs, and some are allowed free-range of the farm, but those Croissants are expensive. And so most Croissants are not fed well, kept in bad conditions, and the like. and so I decided to  A. Raise money to make the legal croissants more accessible, B. Raise awareness about the plight of Croissants, and C. I just like money. read more here

Q#3: I would like to use something you made in my blog post/magazine/school project/newsletter/charity auction/podcast/short video and I don’t want to send you money in perpetuity. Is there anything I can do about this?
   Submitted By: You!
A to Q#3: Of course there is. It probably involves paying me, but we can work soemthing out. Send me an email: Stcroiss@gmail.com

 Q#4: How did you come up with the characters' names on the C.W.A.?
  Submitted By:  Mr. Seth Riedel
A to Q#4:   Ooh, good question:
Well, I chose Dr. Zachary Smith because Zachary is a name you never hear and Smith is one you hear all the time, I only found out later that Dr. Zachary Smith is the name of the villain on “Lost In Space”.
I Chose Capt. James Brown because he was brown, and I thought that was the name of the guy who voiced Darth Vader, It wasn’t.
Jeeves, because it’s the quintessential Butler name, even though P.G. Wodehouse’s original character is actually a Valet.
Villiam Von TipRău is a Romanian, {because Transylvania is in Romania} and his name, in Român means “Von BadGuy”.  I Laughed and laughed over that.
I try to make my minor characters names gags, or puns, but it doesn’t always work.
Brigadier Black, because he’s black. {NOTE: LEGO Minifigures® don’t have skin colours, his clothes are black.}
Ms. Teresa Phillips, because Teresa was some christian do-gooder, and I thought the name meant “teacher” which it probably doesn’t.
That was a very good question, thanks for asking.

Q#5: What Are you doing in my house?
 Submitted by: Various
A to Q#5: …Nothing?

Q#6: Why LEGO®?
  Submitted by:  Jacob
A to Q#6:  Because they don't demand unionization. 

Q#7: Why do you dress so nicely all the time!? 
 Submitted by: Various
A to Q#7: I have self–image issues and dressing fancy helps me to feel like myself. I’m just trying to keep the panic away. Stop asking me this.
Q#8: A Fedora?  Really? What are you , a hipster? An anti–femintist!? MRA!??
 Submitted by: No One Yet

A to Q#8: Okay, first of all, Hipsters do not wear fedoras.  They wear Trilbies. {Compare}  And second, I wear a Fedora {Or sometimes a Top Hat}  Because I have style. And I feel naked and weird if I’m outside bareheaded. Every time I hear about MRA’s wearing fedoras {Note: because of Modern Reporting it is usually a trilby they are sporting} I want to punch the idiot claiming that white men are being put upon by all this liberalism solidly in the nose and explain to him all about World War Two. Then maybe give the modern reporter a little pamphlet or something. 

Q#9: Why do you think you’re better than everyone else
 Submitted by: A Commenter on a thing I made one time

 A to Q#9: I don’t? I’m not BETTER than anyone else. I just DRESS BETTER. There’s an important difference. 
Q#10: GAY
 Submitted by: Youtube Commenter

A to Q#10: That’s not even a question. Are you having a stroke? Sorry, that’s probably offensive to people who have strokes. But YOUR FACE is offensive so there.

Q#11:  In your videos and/or writing you talk like you know everything and you have solved every problem and you are so much smarter than everyone and it is so annoying because you are so obviously wrong because THE LORD is the only way and your asinine and intolerant attitude towards my beliefs offends me SO MUCH. Just because YOU believe that the world is more than 6000 yrs old and the god is pretend or whatever doesn’t mean you need to SHOUT about it like it’s THE ONLY WAY.  If you would take even half a second to think about it you would realise that your “Science” was only put on this earth as a test of our faith! Stop filling my head and the heads of our children with your damned lies. 
 Submitted by: Christian Mother of Four {Really Jacob but I do get people like this sometimes}.

A to Q#11: Okay, I don’t know everything and I do come off as an ass a lot of the time, I understand this and I’m trying to work on this. I’m really not making any progress. 
But being told, to stop shouting about my inherently wrong beliefs by a person who makes like science is something you can CHOOSE to believe in is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.
To all my religious readers and viewers,  you have a religion. That’s…great. you can post prayers on your blog. I don’t have a religion. That doesn’t mean I don’t have wonder, or joy, or my mind constantly blown by big and insanely big beautiful and complicated everything is. What it DOES mean is that I WILL be blogging from the perspective of an person who is not you, and who believes in things contrary to what you believe, but with just as much conviction. Even though that’s not the point of this blog really, the point is the pretty pictures and videos about thoughts, but this sort of thing tends to come up.
Please, leave a comment telling me how wrong I am. That ALWAYS works.   
Q#12: Hey! Your name is Jacob FREDRICKSON. Not EARL. What is this, and Alias??
   Submitted by: Anon
A to Q#12: Actually Fredrickson was the alias. I was a very paranoid and private kid, and I have since given up on that. I went and joined facebook for goodness sake. 

Q#13: I didn’t follow you on twitter because you end everything with #STOP? What are you trying to stop??
  Submitted by: So many people

A to Q#13: Yeah. Okay, so. When I first joined twitter it struck me as very much like a telegram because, well, it is very much like a telegram. You only have so many characters, it’s a quick little thing, usually very restricted audience. I kind of get into habits that I never break, and at this point though it has just become a style. It doesn’t mean anything.