Sunday, February 03, 2013

Florence, [Walk Around 1]

  So I had a wonderful trip to Italy recently,  I went to Florence, mainly, but also Rome, Lucca, Fiezole…Others? God, So many places I forgot about some. The point is I took a ton of pictures.
  Blogger doesn’t handle albums very well, I kind of thought Facebook did but they keep losing my captions and randomly deciding I’m a spammer.
  They also decided that Michelangelo’s David {You know, the world famous statue?} constitutes “Nudity”.  HE’S A STATUE NOT A REAL PERSON AND HAS BEEN NAKED SINCE THE FRIKKIN’  RENAISSANCE. .

  Sorry, american totalitarian censorship really gets my goat, especially when it randomly deletes my work.

  Anyway, this blog is going to be my hard copy.  There’s 64 pictures in this folder, I’m going to post 32 today and 32 tomorrow,  because that’s kind of a lot for anybody to look at.
  Subject Matter: General things in florence, {wall details, a hat shop, other cool stuff.} NOT the big tourist stuff like the Ponte Vecchio or the Duomo, because I’m working on specific posts for those.


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