Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The CWA of Dr. Z. Smith: Episode #100: Rescue

A Window opened and a skeleton shot out.
It Cukooed nine times. 
This meant that Dr. Smith was late.
 He's never late. 
Jeeves Stopped washing the dishes.

-=fig. 630: he's late=-
Nearby was an electronic readout, it proclaimed that Dr. Smith's heat was beating.
 Jeeves Dialed the telephone.
  It rang twice, then an asleep voice said “…Yes?”
   “Capt. Brown, This is Jeeves.”
    Capt. Brown made friendly, non specific noises. He was, after all, mostly asleep at the moment.
      “Capt. Brown, Is Dr. Smith there with you?”
    “Do you have any idea where he is?”
  Capt. Brown woke up at that. “Isn't he there with you?”
     “No Sir.”
      “Right. Get over here, Code Blue, I think.”

-=fig. 631: escapement=-
Dr. Smith watched the giant, swinging, spinning saw blade.
 “It's an escapement system then.” Dr. smith said.
   Von TipRău hadn't been listening. “What's that?” He said. 
   “An Escapement. Like in a watch. When it reaches the apex of its lateral swing, there's this click, and it drops about an inch.” 
   “Bravo Dr. Smith, Bravo. But I do not See how zis really helps you in any vay.”
   “It doesn't, really.”

-=fig. 632: cabbage=-
“Have you Seen this man?” Asked Capt. Brown, holding up a picture of Dr. Smith. 
 Every man at his disposal was doing the same thing, all over the city. 
“What if I have, is there any cabbage in it for me?” 
 “Moola lucre scratch.”
 “He means Is there a Reward.”  Clarified Jeeves. 
 “Ah.” Capt. Brown said. “Yes. Two dollars.” 
  The man who referred to money as Cabbage indicated a seedy, run-down hotel. “He was dragged in there about an hour-and-a-half ago. So where's my prize, jack?”
  “That's Capt. Brown to you.” And handed over the two dollars. 
  “Jeeves, put out a radio message; we found him, and the address. Got it?” 
  “Done your lordship.”

-=fig. 633: getting closer=-
Capt. Brown kicked the sedated body of the cloned Von TipRău. He made a gesture and the Rooftop policemen carried the clone away. 
Only a couple of Rooftop Policemen had been nearby when the call went out, but more were undoubtedly on their way.
Dr. Smith was no where to be seen, but there was one more room.
 A Rooftop Policeman opened the door, But didn't step inside.
  “It's a Shaft.” He said.
   Someone tossed him some rope.

-=fig. 634: lowered into the pit of monoids=-
“AAH! It's a pit of Monoids!”  They Pulled him back up quickly.
  “Stand Back.” Capt. Brown said.  He drew his guns and emptied them into the pit. “There.” He said, “That should clear them up.” They lowered the rope back down.
“Did you Hear that?” Asked Von TipRău, looking over his shoulder. 
 “Nope.” Lied Dr. Smith.
…tick…tock… Went the giant swinging blade.
 Capt. Brown picked up Dr. Smith's hat and briefcase.  “He's nearby. Look for doors.” 
 The room was examined. 
 “Sir!” Cried a policeman.  He had found a door set into the wall. 
   “Guns out.” Ordered Capt. Brown.

-=fig. 635: insurmountable odds=-
“I Knew that you vould come, Captain. You alvays come.” Von TipRău said from the back of the room. 
“Release my friend, Von TipRău.” Capt. Brown ordered. 
“I don't think so.  FIRE!”
 All of the Monoids fired at the same time, our heroes beat a retreat and slammed the door behind them. 
The bullets bounced off the other side of the thin metal. 
 “Alright Jeeves, it's up to you.”
  “Yes sir.”
Jeeves opened the door. 
The bullets bounced off his metal skin, not even damaging it. 
 They tore through his uniform, however. 
  “Vhat is zis!” Screamed Von TipRău. 
  “Haven't you met my robot butler, Jeeves?”
 Jeeves walked across the room.  He snapped Dr. Smith's bonds with his bare…hands…and pulled Dr. Smith off the platform. 
 “Good Evening Sir.” Jeeves said. 
  “Jeeves.” Dr. Smith said. “Excuse me. So Von TipRău, You though that you could get away with…whatever it was you thought you could get away with? Hmm?” That had sounded better in Dr. Smith's head. “Jeeves, Capture Von TipRău.” 
   “Very Good Sir.”
 Jeeves ran around the pool, Von TipRău tried to run. 
 Jeeves was faster.

-=fig. 636: captured at last=-
“We finally caught you!” Dr. Smith said.  “James!” He yelled. “Come in here!”
 “Well Well Well.” Capt. Brown said. “Boys–” He gestured at his larger group of Rooftop Policemen, “–Put handcuff on this and make sure he can't escape. He's dangerous. And evil. Zachary!” 
  “Thank for coming to save me.” 
   “It was Jeeves that saved you, really.”
 They had a brief, very awkward hug. “Er. Here's your hat and stuff back.” Capt. Brown said, gruffly.
 Dr. Smith accepting his stuff, saying “I think that  we can all sleep safely in our beds, knowing Von TipRău is safely away–”
They ran into the other room, there was smoke everywhere. 
 “WHAT HAPPENED!?” Yelled Capt. Brown.
   Irvin, Rooftop Policeman, Third Class stepped forward. “We shackled him like you said sir then BAM and all this smoke and He's gone! He's gone sir!”
 Capt. Brown sighed. “Well, I'm sure it's no fault of yours. Anyway the mission is complete! Dr. Smith here is safe, and that's what matters. Now, We're going to escort him home, aren't we lads?”
  There was some laughter.
“After you, Zachary.” Capt. Brown said.