Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have a 50-year-old {or so} brother portable typewriter.

And I love it, I know what you kids are saying, "can you get the facebooker or squawk on it?"


"Well, how about apps? Does it have any cool apps?"


"what does it do then?!"

It types.

"that's it?! Does it at least have a spellcheck?"

Nope. But it doesn't use any electricity at all. It only has the one font but it uses that font well. And the whole thing moves when you type! At this point most of the young people wandered off to go do whatever it is young people do. But some of them stayed. And those are the geeks of todays society. Or future geeks. But what I really wanted to say is that if we could harness the power that is untapped on typewriters, we could power a decent sized computer! If only someone could hook a little generator to the platen {or, for you people whose typewriters didn't come with manuals, the bit that holds the paper} I think some decent power could be attained!

Just a thought.

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