Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy 1,972nd {or thereabouts} anniversary of Jesus' resurrection every body!

or, to all the rest of you who didn't understand what i was saying, Happy Easter!

Easter is a Christian holiday that, {as i understood it,} is about the supposed resurrection this guy, Jesus Christ, who somehow got quite a few people {at the time} to believe that he was, how should i put it, inherently special, that he was Descended from some Magical all knowing figure who would kill every one if they didn't oppose the present Establishment {pagans, non-believers, basically everybody else} and join him in the glorification and re-education of the world. and if you didn't believe him, you died. simple as that. needless to say, that technique had quite the effect on people. Anyway, the Establishment found out, and nailed him up on a couple of boards, {Apparently} killing him. after wards they threw the "body" in a cave, and sealed it up, three days later, the come to check on him, and he is gone.


and this is where my information goes fuzzy, but since he isn't there, he is obviously alive, or, in heaven, or something, and since he is obviously alive, we should all have a feast, and then continue his great work by establishing our own establishment, and going and killing anyone who says different. {sounds a lot like how this whole mess got started huh?} then someone introduces an egg-laying bunny and a chick to water-down the whole idea and spoon-feed it better to the future sheep. {I'm serious, pastors actually call the people who attend the church, Their "Flock" like they are sheep!}

anyway this is just how i understood the whole mess, and its just my single opinion, I'm just getting it out of my system.

any day where we get to eat heavily starchy foods is O.K. with me, and on a lighter note, Zachary took time off from his busy schedule to celebrate the day with Captain Brown, the mayor of Legopolis and long-time friend of Dr. Smith's. Since Capt. Brown Can Not be far away from Legopolis at any given moment, they decided to celebrate in the Rather Large Blank Spot, a place between space. An alternate dimension if you will. consisting of nothing, but blankness. Stuff can appear, sure, but you have to really want it to be there, and even then it sort of melts back into nothing after awhile.
Quite the handy spot for party's and such.
this is Dr. Smith in his best holiday Clothing, and in the back ground Charles, Dr. Bennet M.D. and Johnathan, and behind Zachary where you cant see him, is Private Lawrence, then Joesph, then on the end is Captain Brown Himself, then in the front is Clancy.

they are not actually celebrating Easter, but April the twelfth, a national feast day in legopolis, seeing as it is the good Captain's mothers second cousins twice removed{s?} birthday. in fact, there are holiday's for all of Captain Browns relatives, and he comes from a rather large Italian family, it got so bad that the good peasants hardly ever get any work done.
{.luckily there is not much to do.}

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hello Joanne of Manchester {excuse me, Grimsby,} England, who are you? how did you find my blog? and, yes,  i can see you. i am watching, always watching.

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Journal 1, Pages 7-8, Date Unknown, 2007 Sometime.

well, this whole thing is going well. {not.} kinda boring so far huh? an acorn squash and a people print. well, i was only 10 Or 11 at the time. i think 11, anyway, i had encountered an acorn squash, in its natural habitat. the supermarket. {ha} {ha} yeah, i know. lame.
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