Friday, September 24, 2010

We Gotcher Icons Right 'ere

Art Deco Icons Vol. 1

Contains Over 39 Icons!
all in the simple round style I enjoy!
Contains a nice wooden dock!
Built from a the finest mahogany! {Texture From Here: [link]}
Contains a striped Wallpaper!
Textured to perfection!
Contains Several Icons which you will never find a use for!
And doesn't include some you wish it did!

To implement these properly you'll need CandyBar {Free: [link] }
But if you don't want CandyBar or have a PC, these will still work. I Have included both the PNG's and straight folders of every icon provided along with a blank .PSD file for those DIY types among you.
Not a DIY-type but find one Missing?
Leave a comment and I'll release a supplement later.
Supplement has been released, and is available at this link: [link]

Art Deco Icons, Volume 2

This premium set of deluxe icons is meant to supplement my previous set {[link]}
Which after using it for awhile I realized was severely lacking.
Over 29 Icons!
{Also, folders and .PNG's}
Of many common applications, such as safari, and Adobe Illustrator!
Pride of ownership of these fine, free icons!
Nothing else!
{For more, see the Vol. 1, It includes a dock, wallpaper, and a blank .PSD for you DIY types.}


Art Deco Icons, Volume Blue

New Hits!
Old Favorites!
This set includes one shiny new dock, striped, and all previous icons in a pretty new blue.
Winter is right around the corner, get ahead of the rush with these fancy new icons!
Al Previous Icons, plus some new ones, in PNG, Straight folder, & iContainer
One Fancy new dock
A beautiful new wallpaper, featuring snow!
Mac {CandyBar} or PC.

All Image subtitles link to the Icon's DeviantART Page,
There's a download link there, off to the right.

-=Best Regards=-
Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.
Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.