Saturday, June 16, 2012

Brenizer Panorama

So I saw this:
And said “That looks neat. Let’s try it.”  The technique is easy enough, just a sort of all–in–one–place pano. You even use the “Auto Panorama” function in photoshop!
So I took twenty shots {The tutorial recommends 4, if you’re just starting. Apparently I’m the sort of guy who just jumps in to where it’s over his head and hopes for the best. Funny story: Proved that at a pool in Arizona.} And a couple of hours of photoshop work later I ended up with this:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CWA Mini–Sode: Algebra

“Now, if we turn to table [c] [iii] subsection [f6] you can see that in certain bases x” is egual to Or Greater Than the square root of the hypotenuse. BUT! If we carry the three, and divide it by the remainder of the fraction wars in subsections [b] [i]—[b] [ivxx] [c2] we’re left with 2 WHICH IS NOT!” 
Capt. Brown looked up from his paper, his patience finally worn down. “Zachary, what are you doing?” 
“Shh. KEEP ROLLING JEEVES. The people must know.” 

POSTSCRIPT: click the picture and view it full–size!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Me, As a GIF

This took way too much time.
But that thing my eyebrows do there is so hilarious it’s worth it.
{Fun Game: Guess what I’m saying!}