Tuesday, February 26, 2013

GE Sponsored Tour, Day Two

The second day had a lot more stuff in it.

Portrait: Photographing a photographer photographing a photographer.
Included: The first time the staff photographer smiled. {The guy on the right.}

Scene: The first place was a museum about Marilyn Monroe sponsored by these people, Ferragamo.
They make fancy shoes and scarves and the museum was more about {at least at first} the early history of the company and then Ms. Monroe’s relationship to the brand. 

Detail: £299 slippers.

Portrait: There was a whole bit where the guy in the back was demonstrating the different ways you can tie their scarves on the model {On the left.} And at the beginning, the old women I was sitting next to were snickering and making jokes, but after awhile even they got sucked in. 
They went from {Hee Hee Hee, that’s silly.} to {OOOOoooh! Look at that!} Because really, it’s a magic trick. After awhile it was time for a little audience participation, and the woman on the right got pushed to the front by her friends. 

Panorama: The Pitti palace.
This is the ‘New’ palace, where the Medicis moved after somebody’s wife said {Of their palace in town} “This palace is too small and old!” Luckily there was another old family across the river that had run out of money and was looking to unload a palace.
Because the Medicis were moving to expand they added two wings onto the Pitti, now you can’t even tell where the old palace ends and the new one starts.
 {It doesn’t really bend like that, it’s pretty square, the panorama and the wide–angle lens did that.}

Portrait: The morning sun and an official guy.

Detail: The only part you’re allowed to take pictures of is the courtyard and the outside, but inside it’s exactly like you’d picture a renaissance palace. 

Scene: To celebrate an important wedding a Medici {whose name I forget} flooded this entire courtyard area up to the rim and had a mock naval battle. 
He was also the Medici that took the family out of the banking business, which later served to bankrupt them. {He figured taxes were enough.}
Included For Scale: My tour group. {Tour Group #1}

Italian Vignette: One of the more adorable CafĂ©’s I’ve seen in italy.

Detail: A Fountain.

Italian Vignette: A really cool door.

Italian Vignette: One of the few days the sun came out.

Scene: After the Pitti they bused us to some other palace on the other side of town, {The name started with an X.} Where there was a quote “Indoor Market” and an arranged lunch. 

Detail: A branch with some berries.

Detail: Lemons.

Detail: Angles.

Scene: This isn’t a great picture, but it is what it felt like. 
I walked around the “Market” in five minutes and realised I didn’t need any pottery, chocolate, pasta, knitted goods or metalwork, {Especially since everything that wasn’t food was girl stuff} and decided to have lunch.
Turns out lunch was in an hour. No negotiations.
And I was basically trapped here. 
But it was okay, because there was frizzante. {Italian Sparkling Water.}

Italian Vignette: Pasta.

Detail: Pasta Preparation.

Detail: Eggs.

Detail: They arranged it so nicely, how could I pass this opportunity up?

Detail: Manufactured Details.

Detail: The first step in pasta production is, of course, the huevos volcanus,  or egg volcano. EVERYBODY knows that.

Portrait: The Pasta Master.

Portrait: The Pasta Apprentice. 

Detail: Another thing on sale was perfume. 

Portrait: The perfume salesman looked about as trapped as I felt.

Detail: I like the effect of backlit glass.

Detail: There was about as much pottery as you would need, with live demonstrations of pottery painting.

Detail: The metalworker had a display which included part of a tree.

The metalworker seemed a little put out that I spent about a minute and a half standing over his display, taking a dozen pictures. 

Detail: Glasses and Frizzante.

Detail: This was actually pretty cool, they were making that marbled paper. 

Detail: One of the people in our party almost bumped this thing and she said “Oh, wouldn’t want to knock that over!”
But I called it. 
It’s plaster.

Scene: This meal seemed fancy, but was not because all the forks were the same size.

Detail: On today’s dessert menus…Fedora cake?

Detail: Candlelight.

Detail: Fedora cake. 
Included: That ice cream that’s vanilla but with chocolate chips in, and a fluffy cake, and a sort of chocolate icing.

Lunch in Sedona

 Dad if you didn’t know, has a plane.
And for the first time since we’ve started doing this it’s in AZ with us and also not broken.
So a couple days ago Dad said “Hey we’re flying to lunch. In Sedona.”


Roosevelt Dam. 

Teddy Roosevelt lake. 

Giant cave with a parking lot on top.

We’re not in southern AZ anymore. That’s snow, right there.


Orange cliff face.

Weird shape rocks.

Gosh wow. 



Some kind of trainer plane landing.

Dad’s Cessna 180

Panorama: Sedona Airport.

View from lunch.

Crazy plant.

Neat old car in the parking lot.

Alternate view.

So if you walk out of the airport down the road you get to a sort of scenic lookout area. 


Panorama: Sedona. 

Dad had heard there was a trail or something so we got directions from the attendent at the lookout and walked down the hill. 

Some kind of weird plant. 

We eventually found a park area, and tried to go on the particular trail Dad was looking for.
There were signs, but they were confusing, and we went the wrong way.

It was weirdly not very hot.


Dad Hiking.

Panorama: If Dr. Seuss drew this tree it would look more real than it does in real life.

Panorama; Scary tree.

Detail: The dirt is red, and the moss is this crazy aquamarine colour that really works.

Detail: Natural colour pairings.

Scene: Some kind of energy vortex?

Portrait: Dad, Feelin’ the vibes.


It was just crazy.

The airpot is real–life version of something I would put in Legopolis, you can’t really tell but the ground just sort of ends, right there.

Portrait: The fence was locked, which was probably sound.

So this plane was landing and I had maybe two second to take a picture so fast as I could I switched my camera into manual {I thought} and fired off a couple frames. 
Turns out I had set it to A-DEP and the frame in–camera was completely black. 
I somehow rescued it in photoshop. 
A-DEP: Automatic Destruction of Every Picture.

Back in the wild west of time there were roaming gangs of Rock–Bandits, who terrorized the landscape, until one day The Lone Rock Ranger rode into town and rounded them up, stuck ’em in rock prison. 
Now tourists think these pillars of contained evil are just trail markers, but the rocks remember.
They remember a day when all this was water and lava, and they wait for a day when the weak ephemeral metal rusts away and that time comes once again.


It seems strange to me, a guy from Alaska, that the ground could possible be this colour. 
That anything natural could possibly this colour. 
In Alaska natural things are either brown or green.

Yellow plane landing

Strange rocks on the way home.

More strange rocks.

The landscape.

A lake.

The sun.