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Xavier part 6 Early Bird Productions©2008®

the next day samuel went to Xaviers room, the alarm did not go off when he opened the door, but when he did there were two robots in the room, Xavier, and a smaller robot, who didn`t seem quite finished yet. "hello samuel!" said xavier cheerily, "i would like you to meet Zim, i made him yesterday." samuel took a good look at Zim, and said, "he doesn`t look finished." to that Xavier replied "he isn`t. i plan on adapting him as we go along, for one thing, he doesn`t have a shell, so we`ll have to find some metal before we embark, do you have any dumps?" "yes,"said samuel, "in sector 9, almost right next door," "good. off we go!" and with that Xavier proceeded into the passage way, once he was out, he turned to Samuel and asked "which way to sector 9?" samuel turned and said "this way." and set off down the passage. when they were nearly there Samuel stopped in the middle of the passage, "i cant go in," he said. "why?" asked Xavier, "heat sensors, its the door marked three, good luck." with that he sat down on the floor and crossed his legs. Xavier went to the door and opened it. beyond it was dark, Xavier felt the wall for a light switch, there was one, he switched it, it became light. it was almost blinding because of the gleam from the metal, Xavier took Zim from his compartment and searched for a suitable piece of metal, he found one almost immediately, it was a machine, with keys with letters on top, it was green, and said REMINGTON on top, it appeared that when pressed, the keys moved these hammers, which had letters inscribed upon them , perhaps it had at one point been an early robot, at any rate, there was enough metal to cover Zim, after the covering, he still required logic circuits, those were supplied by a small folding object, that had keys that resembled the REMINGTON , but this machine said melon Ubook Pro, and had a display that appeared to be made of liquid crystals, there were wheels nearby which he affixed to Zim, Xavier also found a telescopic ocular enhancement device, and a hat, which said "hubert johnson co." and a coat, which looked warm, {for Samuel} all this he put in the cleanest bag he could find, which happened to be bright blue, and carried out of the dump, samuel was still waiting outside, and when Xavier came out he said "good you`re back, i was just about to come in after you!" when Xavier showed him the contents of the bag he said, "wow a hat! haven`t seen one of these in years! but what kind is it?" Xavier told him he thought it was a hubert, because of the inscription, and showed samuel the ocular enhancement device, which samuel called binoculars, after that was done, samuel said "okay, you have seen outside, would you like to go back to your room now?" "no!" declared Xavier. "i do not, i would like to visit the outside. not outside my room, above ground. do you wish to come?" samuel thought a moment, then said, "yes, i do want to come, i`ve never seen the above, in person, from the pictures i`ve seen it looks beautiful, but i wouldn`t know how to get there." "dont worry samuel," said Xavier," i have a map." samuel was incredulous, "a map? where would you get a map?" "from human 2, alex his name was." replied Xavier as he took out his piece of card board, "looks like there are two ways out, the first one in sector 1, the other in sector 15" sector 1 is the government district, " said samuel " but sector 15 is mostly residential, i say we go out there." "i agree, in the government district they`d be sure to recognize 'project X-56', so how do we get there? " to that samuel replied "i suggest we take the 4:15."

end of part 6