Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith, H.M.O.

Last week as you recall Dr. Zachary smith had discovered a door that led to the inside of the house,

after gaining entry, it was an adventure to find legopolis through the jungle of the House,
there were seemingly meaningless cave wall scribblings, which if leading experts are to be believed, Signify a number of strange creatures being in the vicinity at one point,

killer typing machines, but of course Our Hero Escapes,

and of course the inevitable strange encounter of the Human Kind

after battling the killer Type Writer, scaling the wall to the Plateau city of Legopolis, and from there to cross to the L.-T.G.B.T.S.A {Legopolis-The Great Beyond Travel Security Administration} was a Mere trifle,Unfortunately it was not so easy to cross through the L.-T.G.B.T.S.A,
there's the endless lines,

the entirely ignorant staff,passing by the obvious Villain

while chasing the tourist with the nail clippers.

but once through Dr. Smith received a hero's welcome, and an offer to teach humanology and exploring at the local university, unfortunately, due to Legopolis Being built on a Plateau, there is limited space, and no University. but the Legopolians are nothing if not resourceful and the apartment above the Coffeehouse is converted into a classroom, Five Bright young students, one old Sea Dog and An Ogre with a British accent sign up, and become,

until next week, this is The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith, H.M.O.