Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Natn'l Hat Day!

What?  You've never heard of Natn'l Hat day?  [ let me enlighten you ]
There, now you know as much as I do.  I Actually only found out about this yesterday so I've had no time to prepare, but that's alright because frantic writing about a subject I know very little about is what I do every week.

I Do know about Hats, though.

Anyway, here are celebratory pictures of all my hats, vintage-ized to my liking.  And check My Tumblr  Every Fedora Friday for descriptions!
These are in chronological order, sort of, and to save space I'll only be showing you my Fedoras. I Have a Pith Helmet and a couple of Top Hats, but the Fedoras are my favourite.

Don't it just warm your heart?
I only wear the last one with any regularity because the others have been retired, for one reason or another, stopped fitting, heavy rain, a bed crushed that straw one.

 Those rain-destroyed felt fedoras were [ this hat ]
But only the second one was bought off the website, the first one was from a Bass Pro Shop, which apparently sold hats.