Saturday, April 11, 2009

F is for Fedora, Kids!

This is a Flashcard, most probably from the 1960's sometime, but that doesn't really matter, what matters is that it didn't say fedora yesterday, and just so you know, this is an actual flashcard, I edited it in my computer to say something other than what it really says, not by hand or what ever else I might do. anyway I was always bothered by how flashcards always said "h is for hat!" and showed a baseball cap, now that example should really read "B is for baseball cap!" or at least "C is for cap!" or shown something else that starts with h, like, uh, Harry Hollander the Happy Hound Hanging by a Hope, or something. Haardvark maybe. ooh! I know, Harry the Hard-times Houseboat! I feel like I am over explaining the joke here, but I am so excited! It is not often that my photoshoping efforts come out to meet my, exacting standards, oh, uh this is the original here,

That is All for today.
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Journal 1 5-6 date unknown 2007 sometime.

Just so you know, that is not the road i live on, {so Ha!} it is just a road that i decided to draw while on a hike with my dad and sister. {changing the subject} so could anyone identify the print? Mom thinks that it is a dog print, but i am not so sure.
{my new favorite phrase,}
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