Monday, March 09, 2009

a Profile of the Members of Dr. Zachary Smiths Exploratory Force.

Today i thought that we would kill some time in between The Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith, H.M.O. With some information about His Latest Group Of Friends, Well, more like students really, But by the time of they're Graduation, they will be his Colleagues, but before that may Happen, we must acquaint ourselves with the students, lets get on with that, Shall We?
first, we Have the good doctor himself,

Dr.Zachary Smith, Humanologist, P.H.D
Gender: Male
Reason for Leaving Home Country: Professional Curiosity.
Profession:Explorer, Leader,College Professor, Inventor.
Weapon of Choice:Sword, {at which he is expert}
Affiliations:Jack The Human And Co., Dr.Zachary Smiths Exploratory Force,the Legopolian government,Legopolis State University {L.S.U.} the Legopolis Royal Aether Yacht Club, Captain Browns Force of Inventors and Engineers.
and that is all for today,
Best Regards,