Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith H.M.O.

This weeks episode is entitled:
Dr. Zachary Smith, and the Malfunctioning Plot device

Last Week, {As you recall} Dr. Smith and George had fallen down a distant and slightly mobile mountain, suffering minor concussions all around.

Dr. Smith? Dr. Smith's mind presses the giant red 'Restart' button, and as the metaphorical servers fire up, we read ahead in the script, {ooh, darn. there goes next weeks paycheck, well, I didn't see that coming...} Alright, due to a coding error, Dr. Smiths mind fails to reboot, sending this weekly show into a spin of mediocrity, eventually ending with me, the Narrator, out on the street, sharing the lunch of a real estate developer, scrounging in the alleys, eventually Narrating the lives of rats, as they go about their business … Hmm? what? I got the wrong Script? Oh. Well wheres the Right script? Hey, I never noticed that drawer before… I was wondering about that file! I thought it looked awfully suspicious! Alright Folks! Dr. Smith doesn't die and I still have Job! Whoo Hoo! O.K., Dr. Smith awakes, fully functioning and perfectly fine, aside from a slight ringing in his ears, and the suspicion that he is crazy… "Tell me you heard that?" Dr. Smith says, worriedly, "Ha! There it is again! " There what is again?" asks George. "This giant voice! tell me you hear it!?" Ha Ha HA. YOu Are cRazY Dr. SmiTh, "NO I'M NOT!" George looks at him askew, and asks, "you're not what, Dr. Smith? Perhaps you need a lie down? that was an awfully long fall, and sometimes thing get knocked loose…" "No, No, I'm fine. and I'm not crazy."

No one said you were, Zachary.

"That's Dr. Smith to you, Disembodied voice!"
" I suggest we, press on." Suggests George, with the sort of politeness you save for Mentally unstable people, and Bank robbers with a gun pressed to your head.
After walking for a bit, they came to, well, I'll just show you, shall I?

Nah, that doesn't really do it justice, 50% Zoom out please?

There you go.

"How do you think this canyon got here?" Asks George, "I don't see a river." Aha! and he won't, because, well, "Come on, Disembodied Voice, spit it out!" Narrator. "What?"

Call me the Narrator.
Which is the title of next weeks episode!

Same time,

Same Channel.

-=Best Regards=-

Sir Jacob D. Fredrickson Esq.

Chief Executive Officer of Early Bird Industries, Inc.