Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Continuing Weekly Adventures Of Dr. Zachary Smith H.M.O.

This Weeks Episode:
Episode #33: The Way Out.
Last Week as you Recall, George And Dr. Smith were being Chased by Evil Lamp Posts through the Rather Large Blank Spot, barely Escaping with their Lives. Dr. Smith spied {Out of the Corner of His Eye} a door. {The Door, in fact}. He Pulls it open and is surprised.

-=fig. 136: {The Door In Fact}=-

Yes, Very Surprised Indeed.

-=fig. 137: Very Surprised Indeed=-

"Ahhh!" He Screams, as he falls to his, er, well. Not DOOM.
We follow his Hat, as it makes it descent completely independently of Dr. Smith's head, it flutters, weaves, drunken with newfound freedom. But soon it succumbs to the never ending pull of Gravity, eventually giving up, and landing next to Dr. smith as he lay unconscious upon the rocks.

-=fig. 138: Landing Next to Dr Smith=-
We See Dr. Smith, Unconscious, but very much alive.

-=fig. 139: Unconscious But Very Much Alive=-
He Awakes, and jumps up. His first Words are:
"Where's My Hat? Ohh…my head feels like it has been dropped ten stories...So does the Rest of me, In point of fact. George? George? Where are you?" He locates his Hat and dusts off his suitcase, and calls out again.

-=fig. 140: So Does the Rest of me, In Point of Fact.=-

"George? I Swear, I spend more'n half my adventures chasing that senile old Chap around. If he could just look after himself for once…" Now Zachary, that's not nice. "Well? if he could look after himself for five minutes I wouldn't be in this mess." now, that's not true, and what's more, you know it too. Now just turn around and we can get on with the story.
"Yeah, I know. Wait. So you're not just a figment of my imagination?" I might be. "No, are you or aren't you?" Just turn around and behold your House! "Huh?" And Dr. Zachary Smith Finally turns, and notices his house.

-=fig. 141: HELLO DR. SMITH=-

"HELLO DR. SMITH." That's Jeeves, Dr. Smith's personal robotic butler.  "Hello, Jeeves, why Didn't you speak up before?"  "GOD TOLD ME NOT TO."   "God? Wait, Wait, Wait a minute, was this voice very deep and seemed to come from everywhere at once?"  "YES."   "How did you know it was God?"  "HE SAID SO."  "NARRATOR!  Did you tell Jeeves you are a God?" Er, uh. You see, he wouldn't have understood, never having read, or anything… er uh.  *Gulp* anyway, it was in the……Script? Yes, that's it. It was in the Script!  "Well, he hasn't ever been to church either!"


"I would like to see this Script, maybe read ahead a bit! It would be nice to know what's going to happen Before I fall off another Cliff!" You can't. It isn't in the script. "AHH! that's so frustrating! Jeeves, let's go inside, eh? George is missing and I have an idea."
Join us next week for our next exciting episode,

Episode #34: Subdivisions in the Sky
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